UBcoin Marketplace! Well Things For Crypto

Now you have crypto you have your crypto wallet you have your cryptocurrency and you want to buy things and you're thinking it's not that easy to buy cryptocurrency or let's say you want to get cryptocurrency but you don't really have a lot of fiat money to buy cryptocurrency.

Now there's going to be a solution for both the person trying to sell things for crypto in the for the person trying to spend crypto on items now you be coin is going to be a new marketplace that allows buyers and sellers to use crypto currency to purchase and sell items so let's say I want to sell one of my used drones which I have a couple used drones laying around so let's say I want to sell one so I can go to UB can put my drone on you become marketplace.

And then put a price for the amount of you Bitcoin that I would need to sell my drone and then somebody else can come along and buy that drone using you be coins well what is you be coin ubiquity is going to be a token that will be used by the platform to buy items to sell items so once I go to sell my drone.

I have the option the buyer comes along and says hey I want to buy your drone I'll give you a thousand you be coin for your drone that buyers gonna be able to exchange whatever cryptocurrencies you have or you be coins and then the transaction will be done with a smart contract I will deliver the item and then I will be paid and you be coin once I get my you Bitcoin I can then exchange it for other crypto currencies.

I think it's going to create a really cool and seamless marketplace where people who are trying to either sell things or buy things with cryptocurrency we're creating basically a decentralized eBay instead of paying eBay fees and dealing with all this other stuff going on with eBay now I can use you be coins to sell my items which I've actually wanted to sell items with cryptocurrency before but it's not really any website or app to do this so taking a look here at the ub coin ICO website.

You bitcoin is the first crypto goods exchange website the easiest way to exchange real goods for cryptocurrency and now looking through the website couple things that I did like already is this is not a new company this is not as a totally new thing this is an existing mature company they've been around since two nine there a leader in mobile finance in Eastern Europe UBcoin market is a new plan major feature of Ubank with global appeal the current product Ubank has over 16 million installations worldwide the ICO is going to be used to raise funds for the UBcoin market.

Rapid development and for global expansion so you be coins is also working with Samsung and fly to install their mobile app on smartphones in the region of the world it's the CIS this is basically some of the countries that broke away from Russia and will probably see this expand out into the overall world depending on how the app does and stuff like that in the future the Eubank app has over 16 million downloads already they've got 2.5 million active users using Ubank and over 200,000 daily active users they've had over 20 million transactions processed by Ubank system.

Every year since 2013 so you bank is the next step forward for leading mobile payment app in Eastern Europe now with the theory and blockchain exchange-traded ubc cryptocurrency and peer-to-peer smart contracts for buying goods with cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin market will become part of the you bank app as a new feature so they're also trying to create a trustworthy marketplace using AI technology pre-screen seller postings for potential infringement of Reason morality safety and due care the idea they're really building this app on the idea of decentralization and that's gonna be using blockchain technology with the settlement and fulfillment of transactions payments are immediate upon performance under smart contracts so we're using smart contracts to buy and sell things.

And I've always talked about how this is the future of blockchain technology no longer am I having to use eBay where eBay you know if I sell something and then someone says I never got it and I never got and then I get charged and I get that money taking back or whatever you want to do PayPal in the end really it's it's such a nightmare sometimes to sell pings through PayPal through eBay and these other websites you know Craigslist and going on there and selling stuff it can be a bit scary so using you be coins it's a pretty cool system.

So now I can you know sell my drone create a smart contract once I deliver the drone the person will then release the funds through the smart contract and I'll get my money so it's gonna be a really cool project and something that I expect will catch on into the future here you be coin you know Creighton's community of people who can buy and sell and sell items maybe services going into the future using cryptocurrency like.

I always talk about with most i ciose the big thing is figuring out you know is this i co actually doing something better are they figuring something out are they fixing something and i think we do have a problem today with buying and selling things online.

Cuz it's not an easy way like I said eBay with PayPal there's always issues so you be coins is trying to solve those issues and that's what we're looking for we're looking for I SEOs when I'm looking at these different projects I want to see projects that are actually doing something to help people so the creation of Ubcoins is actually going to help people buy and sell things and then fill that need where we have a marketplace for selling and buying.

Things using cryptocurrency like people always say how do I use my cryptocurrency how do I sell things with cryptocurrency you can use you be coins also think about people who mine cryptocurrency now those miners can actually use cryptocurrency that they mine with their computers have a get reward with for supporting the blockchain network now they can use that cryptocurrency to buy things on the ubcoin app.

So if i want to buy a new iphone boom i go on you be going spend mine cryptocurrency that I mined for last couple months buy a new iPhone also it opens a door up for people who don't have a lot of fiat currency who have a hard time signing up for everything exchanges it's not always easy to sign up for exchanges around the world and people in different countries it's hard sometimes to sign up for websites to exchange cryptocurrency.

So now if I want to get into the cryptocurrency game if I want to get some cryptocurrency and I have a bunch of stuff laying around you know I got this drone here I want to sell this drone what do I do I go on ubicool and I sell the drone and then I can receive cryptocurrency that I can now hold as an investment where I can use it to buy other things they're gonna have a burn program so 5% of you be coined fees from user transactions are burned to reduce token supply as the business grows so that's gonna help increase the value of these tokens going into the future 2018.

The goal here is getting the smart contract platform develop the goal for 2019 the first quarter is to have the full version of the app launched in Eastern Europe and then having it by second-quarter in Middle East in South Korea third-quarter having it in South Asia and then by the end of 2018 having it launched in Latin America so this is gonna be a global thing long term there's a lot of opportunity here I think it's a pretty cool project I hope that they get to the point where we can actually use it in America.

Cuz I would be all about selling things like I said I've got got a lot of things to sell I need to get some more cryptocurrency and I don't need all these drones and old things laying around so it all makes a lot of sense and I think it's a pretty cool project I'll be looking forward to see what happens with the you Bitcoin project going into 2019 hopefully these guys can cover the entire wall with this project let's say somewhere like Asia where it's not really easy for a lot of people to buy and sell crypto currencies now they can sell things that they own already or they want to get rid of they can you sell it for crypto currency very simple and easy using the Ubcoin marketplace there it is the Ubcoin market what it's all about in the new Ubcoin I see oh check it out it's you be coin IO I'll talk to you guys later on.

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