MonarchToken All in One Cryptocurrency platform for Mass Adoption.

What's going on get people this is Yogi From YPramedia again, with another article and today I want to present to you Monarch.

But before I even do this let me remind you this is a sponsored review And I'm not a financial advisor I don't tell you what to do you do what you want to do.

So What is monarch, monarch is a Project that is aiming to capitalize on mass adoption By implementing a user-friendly Application.

So they have an application right now we can download it on your phone you can try it out you can Play with it check it out it's actually pretty impressive in my opinion.

But the key features of monarch is that most of their security tokens are going to be backed By silver.

Now every time they do a transaction or they get transaction fees they're gonna take these fees and switch them to silver and Most of the proceeds are going to be backed By silver.

So the crypto is going to be solid and strong because it's backed by another Commodity that is out there and performing very well let's talk About the features of monarch so you have a mobile app right now you can actually download it on either an iPhone or an android You can check it out They will have a desktop app It will be accessible on the desktop it's a hot or cold wallet used for both Transactions and storage of funds now listen.

The Private keys are going to be inside that wallet and if you lose them there is a way to Recover your private keys because you know when you put your private keys somewhere and you lose them you lose all your tokens We all understand that we've all maybe experienced them.

But with monarch they save your private keys They back your private keys for you, so if you ever lose your private keys it's embedded in their system you can Actually get it back and you're the only one that can do this not anybody else.

It also supports you know payments subscriptions, let's just say you know you have a Car payment that you want to make every single month you can actually utilize monarch to Automate that payment towards that account every single month and you can cancel it with a Swipe of the fingers very very user-friendly and that's why I like this project.

And the good thing about monarch Is that's going to integrate the fiat option And that's what makes it really valuable Merchants plug-in you know if you have a business and you want to integrate a crypto payment you can  Utilize monarch as a payment gateway Kind of like when you click to pay via visa or it will have a spot where you can Pay via cryptocurrency using monarch exchange you can buy and sell cryptocurrencies.

Password vault safe storage 2fa all this stuff is already integrated check it out download the app.

Portfolio tracker so you can use it for the portfolio if you have Your coins secured on that wallet you can actually take a look at your portfolio and evaluate which one is you need to sell Which one you need to hold and of course it's a proprietary Blockchain.

So how is monarch different? so they speak here about four key points that I want to share with you.

First of all the wallet allows for a monthly recurring payment for bills car Payments Cell phone payments whatever it is using a Patent-pending technology this is important because it's unique and when they patent it nobody else can use it.

Number two is integration with a business so businesses can accept crypto and Monarch internal exchange will pay them in fiat Monarch is linked to third party exchanges so they will always trade at the best prices for exchange arbitrage.

So Let's just say you want to buy bitcoin and bitcoin hong Kong-based is 7,000 and on Binance it's 8,000 so they won't direct you to the highest price they will actually Sort out the lowest price within all the exchanges that they are integrated with.

Number 4 you can manage everything all your bills are your monthly subscription payments from one application and This is powerful in my opinion now This year why is it important to have such an application out there you get a Think about this guy it's important to have mass adoption in cryptocurrency in general and When a new Person goes into the blockchain

They don't know What to do when you download this wallet you kind of get a grasp of everything and if you notice right here Zoom in you notice that there's household finance entertainment.

You see all the accounts right here shopping social travel gaming And personal so it kind of organizes everything for you so you can have an idea of how to do this without even  Worrying about making a mistake when it comes to the blockchain and cryptocurrency in general.

So it's going to simplify the crypto trading experience for all users and Secure so the key points right here secure storage access to Monarch exchange sent continuous Recurring payments to send transactions via username instead of alphanumeric addresses we talked about this in a live Stream that I have done how torn this is.

Free peer-to-peer Transaction it's free electronic tax reconciled forms and crypto news charts And portfolio tracking so it's very nice you can get whitelisted today or merchants it's also the same thing where they can implement Monarch as a form of payment And if people want to pay via monarch and if you look right here it says credit card PayPal and it will have a Logo like this and you can choose which crypto to pay your bills.

It's important for a lot of people they don't know How To liquidate their crypto into fiat and the reason you usually liquidate crypto into fiat is because you Want to make a payment you want to pay off your car You want to pay off your phone and if your business implements a monarch application onto Their website then will be very easy And very secure for you to do.

So one thing I want to talk About here and for investors is that you get 50 percent of merchant transaction fees as It dividends and it's distributed weekly to monarch security token holders And also 10 percent of merchant transaction fees are going to be flipped on top of everything else into Silverback tokens and of course then there will be an airdrop so if you hold you know a certain amount of Monarch tokens they're going to airdrop the security token after The ico is over the token distribution.

So you Do have two aspects of monarch monarch utility token which we talked about and then the security token you're Gonna get the security airdrop one to one ratio as Well.

So if you hold 10MTS you're Gonna get 10MTS as a form of airdrop it's a Beautiful thing.

This is their token metric right here this Is what the monarch security tokens supply is going to be five hundred million for the utility token it's 1 billion This is the distribution 5% for advisers 18% for the team 50% for tokens sale and 27% Is going to be allocated for Development.

This is the team right here we're gonna talk about the team now I gotta tell you that the team is in charge of a marketing they come from a marketing background Which is always positive when it comes to cryptocurrency project.

Because look you can have the best project out there if nobody knows about it it's not gonna get anywhere but Because of these people especially the ceo who is the co-founder of crypto Monarch which is an advertising marketing cryptocurrency company on a Larger scale so if he's the co-founder for that company he's going to market this project. Properly By utilizing any necessary avenues.

So listen here's what I'm gonna do guys, I'm gonna put the link for this website down below Go check it out tell me what your thoughts are downloaded the app played with it a little bit see if it's a something that you're interested in Remember I'm not a financial adviser just check it out do your own research tell me what you think in the comments below.

Thank you guys so much for reading and until next time, stay safe.

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