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So today we are doing another review today we are talking about Aenco so what is Aenco as they have stated in there in the white paper Aenco is the world's first blockchain based healthcare technology financial solutions platform that catalyzes healthcare technologies with institutional financing prime brokerage and smart capital solutions under one umbrella.

So it is basically a blockchain based platform to gather and connect medical experts innovators or financial experts or investors.

So as we can see in here they have the private sale going on we can see here the signup page and go register, register you need to write in your email password and the intended subscription amounts with the cryptocurrency of your choice you can choose between a Ethereum or Bitcoin.

If you have one you can write in the promotional code and by that I can reduce that to the private sale of the token. 

Okay, so Aenco is basically a blockchain based global financial solution platform that is combining decades of experience in traditional financial service and prime brokerage with network of healthcare technology and innovation partners and new age applications collectively developed under the umbrella Aenco global health tech financial solutions platform.

Right here you can see the white paper a two-page summary token paper and Collins video temps and conditions in slide presentation we will have a brief look add the two-page summary and the white paper in a second but let's firstly check out the main site as you can see in here we can find them and contact them on telegram Facebook Twitter discord read about them on medium github  reddit and Bitcointalk.

As you can see in here they have a very high rating on most popular ICO listings 4.8 on ICO bench which is a real high rating and to be honest well-deserved on crack ICO they have score 5.0.

Right next we have them media coverage you can see they had a pretty wide coverage in the media and by quite big companies later we can find partners and here we have the health tech challenges and opportunity.

So what are the challenges lack of robust financial ecosystem for health tech innovations high entry barriers for burdensome hundles in fundraising.

Little options for startups requiring one-stop-shop small smart capitalism solutions lack of credible global accredited standard for ICO practices and what are the opportunities they are mentioning a pressing need for disruptive and sustainable medical innovations which is true and especially considering the that basically all Western societies are extremely aging in fact there wasn't exam that was in such a need of innovations in medicine as right now.

Okay so next one Growing demand for medical entrepreneurialism and technologies, Ongoing needs for deep impact solutions, such as treatment and prevention of diseases, The growing maturity of blockchain technologies has democratized fundrasing which is the third points and actually a heartwarming one.

Okay so the Aenco ecosystem has three types of solutions so the first one Aenco IB solutions and the next one is Aenco prime solutions and the third one is aenco smartcap solutions.

So this three types of solutions are consisting numerous features that are going to raise the functionality of the whole platform which consists.

For example cross asset collateralized loans and borrowing and financing pools interfacing both major fiat and major digital assets blockchain based regulatory reporting protocols client custodial and asset segregation services magic and clearing systems.

Summer is going to be a number of features probably even more to come as they have described it all in the white paper quite thoroughly but we will get to that in a second.

Right here you can check out the legal regulatory framework if this is something that might bother you what are the benefits for the AEN token holders indicates financial utility benefit and access.

So right here we have the AEN token sheet member sheet benefits broken by the old solutions that I have mentioned before and with a description which solutions will have which kind of benefits.

As we can see for example AENCO prime solutions had the benefits of collateralized lending increased interest reduced fees alternative investment.

You can also check this out by yourself as a really do believe in you're ready comprehension skills right here we have a nice chart regarding medical utility bill it's from healthtech partners it looks like.

And here we can see the team you can contact each of them on LinkedIn as they have their profiles linked to the website here's a list of advisors.

Yeah I guess you could also contact them but I don't see why would you need to bother advisors if you can ask the company themself.

By contacting them as you can in writing see right in here yeah means to contact them the ones that I have mentioned before the first of all you need to visit the website

You can also send them an email on the before ending of this article let's take a brief look at two pager so if you would be interested in this project after reading this Article which you should be you can read more on this in a new pager that you can see right in here right on the top of the page and why do I think you should be interested in this project is because I genuinely think that giving the opportunity to medicine experts as well as financial experts and innovators to create a network that gives them opportunity to develop new technologies and provide a financing system that would that would help them develop it would be generally beneficial to I don't know to mankind in general that it could potentially improve the healthcare both private and public through developing new healthcare technologies or in other words health tech.

And if you will finish reading there's two pager in and still like to learn even more about it you should definitely check out the white paper which is I must say it is awesome I have it is one of the best white papers I had seen so far as it is explaining the idea very well it is explaining all of the features very well it is a very thorough lecture and a lengthy lecture as it has 59 pages but all it is a 59 pages worth reading because I think the project is very interesting and has a chance to have a real impact on the health tech market.

So to wrap it up I wholeheartedly recommend getting on the website and considering taking part in the private sale of the tokens and giving the murid if you enjoyed this article please leave a like follow comment and share it with your friends stay tuned for the next Article, thanks.

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