Aenco Global Healthtech Blockchain Financial Solutions


anko is a one-stop-shop for the delivery
of cutting-edge institutional financing

prime brokerage and smart capital
solutions for the health tech industry

our ecosystem is fueled by aen a utility
token nkow is a blockchain based global
financial solutions platform combining

decades of experience in traditional
financial services and prime brokerage
with network of health care technology

innovation partners and new age
applications collectively developed
under the umbrella anchor global health

tech financial solutions platform Enco
is the world's first blockchain based

healthcare technology financial
solutions platform that leverages
healthcare technologies with

institutional financing prime brokerage
and smart capital solutions under one

umbrella y & co is unique Enco is a
one-stop shop for the delivery of

cutting-edge institutional financing
prime brokerage and core smart capital

solutions for the health tech industry
as well as a research and collaboration

hub for healthcare companies and
projects involved in the field of

blockchain development Enco will be
combining its solutions platform and

core flinchin ecosystem with the wider
healthcare technology community through

the AE n token as the key ecosystem
building block and extensions across all

its service and community deliveries the
n co podium empowers emerging and

innovative healthcare companies with
digital financing capabilities so that

they can focus on generating high
potential and impactful technologies

that can transform our world and day to
day lives

n Co is supported by the group's planned
regulated infrastructure and presence in

major jurisdictions including Europe
Hong Kong and the United States through

which n Co will effectively deliver its
solutions generating an increasing and
rapidly evolving ecosystem why should

you stick with us support high quality
health tech projects with deep societal

participate and pre-screened health tech

projects that have passed our integrity
program aen token holders get to enjoy

exclusive benefits on the ENGO platform
such as reduced fees priority access and
more our podium aims to capitalize on

the strengths of blockchain and
decentralized applications to fuel
emerging growth companies and

entrepreneurs in tapping a sustainable
and growing ecosystem for its business

activities during their unpop things
core services or health tech solutions

are categorized across three key pillars
and go IDOT be solutions and go prime

solutions and can smart cap solutions by
providing and rewarding our health tech

partners with institutional grade
financial solutions Enco is able to

interface such providers with a diverse
range of rich medical utility with

global community users who seek to
empower and participate in the vibrant

growth stories of ENGO and its health
tech partners thus the platform creates

a plethora of use cases for our AE and
token in the form of both financial

utility and medical utility benefits





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