Dataeum - DATA REVOLUTION The First Blockchain-based Platform Using Crowdsourcing for Data Generation

I'm going to share with you my own study of the Dataeum ICO some of the most important points that have ever been discovered on this blog.

Before I start here's a small disclaimer for you I'm not financial advisor to be use Express in this article is my own.

This is not a legal or financial adviser you command to do your own due diligence, dateum this is a blockchain based platform which uses crowdsourcing to enable the collection of 100 percent of all global physical data anywhere in the world with 100 percent accuracy.

It does this through a mobile app and by using a distributed work force of collectors who are in the incentivized  in XDT tokens to submit physical Data.

The solutions efficiency has already been proven during three collections campaigns completed in Paris, Barcelona and London Dataeum has attracted not only highly experienced and the water team members but also such well-known advisors.

These solutions brings together crowdsourcing and blockchain to give ordinary people an opportunity to benefit from their data dataeum mission is to put individuals at the center of data generation humans are finally more accurate than any machines or cars.

So not only are we the most efficient method to gather physical data but we are also the roots of data generation.

Everything comes from us and our interactions dataeum process begins once data is collected and verified by users the data is then made available in a decentralized marketplace where access is granted to interested companies looking for that type of data dataeum is essentially democratizing the access as data acquires can get reliable and accurate data in real time.

Dataeum is a project created by DenDen Company that wants to place individuals at the center of the data ecosystem tackling the challenges of data ownership and data reliability making it did decentralize this in turn mediated and incentivized through collaborative solutions using the blockchain and smart contracts.

Main features are a individual will not be able to collect a high- quantity of data through a mobile application and get rewarded in tokens.

Data will be used by any company government or individual that is seeking databases an ultra scalable and highly reliable platform that will secure the relationship between both data collectors and acquires legacy Mobile app with proven scalability and profitability.

Blockchain will guarantee the transparency of the data generation process its collection and accuracy dataeum token will be fill of the exchanges from collectors to data acquirers.

Here is a summary of some token information token name is dataeum token XDT maximum supply of tokens 1 billion 1ETH = 12000 XDT tokens prototype is available online is working on Ethereum platform hard cap is 35,000 ETH and the project born in France.

Dataeum has an original idea which refines the quality of the data a market that is now estimated at more than 3 trillion dollars a goldmine for large corporations and government.

So here you get my overview regarding this ICO I hope you liked it and if you liked it please do not forget to share.

Thanks for reading.

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