Wegold - World's First Travel Blockchain To Fuel Asia's Booming Aspirational Travel Ecosystem

Everyone today I'm going to tell you something more about WeGold project WeGold is a social discovery platform for Asian travelers and WeGold will connect directly with local hosts who offers the world's most aspirational or travel experiences I don't get with adventure reports with equal tourism and authentic local activities.

In its next phase of development WeGold is launching its own WeGold travel token to pioneer new decentralised the into empower travel allowing people to help discover and share the long tail of travel experiences this peer-to-peer model incentivize pathfinders to create a new stream of income doing what they low unscalable in travel.

WeGold is a doctrine based platform rewards used for traveling discovering new travel activities creating and trading travel contents those who upload share unique destinations and experiences to the community get rewarded by tokens issued by the platform.

The token can then be used to pay for travel experiences using their ecosystem, transactions are stored on public blockchain which brings transparency and Trust for all participants followed by blockchain.

WeGold empowers the individual to pay and earn from traveling on WeGold platform added centralized the the fair share travel ecosystem you can earn Wegold by simply traveling discovering new travel activities creating and sharing content delivering aspirational services by protecting heritage and culture by supporting eco-friendly travel and by growing the community.

WeGold launch token WGD through an ico the public sale will last till 26th of 28th of July 2018 the hardcap will be 88million dollars total token supply is 10 billion WGD tokens 1ETH is equal to 17,335 WGD token minimum purchase for this ICO will be 0.2ETH.

Comes the token distribution 34% goes to WeGold tokens for sale 28% to platform and ecosystem and development 22% team that will be management board and advisors and 18% for future sales.

Then comes the use of proceeds 30% percent goes to technology development 25% for operating expenses 20% Reserve Funds 15% for Pathfinder severalty in sensation 10% for ecosystem exposure WeGold the is one of the great ICO in this moment.

Is the ICO with great potential on future so if you are ICO investor and looking for great ICO project I can suggest you to look for the Wegold project and if you decide to invest you should read the white paper first and find out about the vision the team and future plans and you can also find out more details about token sale that's all about WeGold ICO projected.

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