Hello guys and welcome today I will present to you vexanium so what exactly is Vexanium,

Vexanium is in the simple analogy a doesn't related marketing ecosystem promotional marketing is one of the most important marketing tools for retailers and brands today, within improve marketing coupons and vouchers are used as the dominant tools of the new customer acquisition and retention

As to the conducted by GFK concluded that 49% of customers will gladly switch brands for savings in the form of a coupon that allows merchants to Tokenizes the rivers and promote big products so how exactly Vexanium works Vexanium is disrupting the global promotional marketing interesting by developing a decentralized marketing ecosystem

Here is an explanation, Vexanium features four components first one vulture platform we all know businesses to create campaigns to acquiring new customers and regarding new ones using the effects token this will be fascinated we are the vex web and mobile apps second one peer-to-peer virtual exchange will allow customers to trade voters among themselves and set their own prices is hosted by the vex app third one the vex app features an integration with selected cryptic exchange in order to allow users to directly trade their back stock and balance on the exchange for the vex platform we also allow blockchain companies to create a Europe campaigns for occurring new customers and who are any existing ones using the vex token this will be fascinated with via the vex web and mobile apps

Project road map is divided into four phrase, phrase 0 means project imitations and token stars darling face 1 the vex a new marketplace will be fully functional and open to and individual users in Indonesia Mauritius and enterprise users can create virtual tokens and start the marketing campaigns all seamlessly we had the one-stop mobile app,

Customers will be able to store and redeem the voucher tokens we have vexanium app in phrase to maximum we complete the establishment of the ecosystem by launching the exchange and explore lectures each token marketplace that almost users to trade vex its frictions to maximize the validity of tokens to increase the usage of the redemption of merchants purchase

In phase free we expect that the site will already have proven its successful business model against significant transaction in his home market will then expand the Meijer cities or business including Kuala Lumpur Ho Chi Minh City Xiao Hong Kong Bangkok Dubai and Singapore after that VExanium will focus and try to engage to market outside Asia such as European countries South American countries and Africa were the most populated countries in the world that's the prescription currency

Let's check out now the token economy vex are the tokens used to access services across the entire vexing ecosystem only the 1 billion vexes will be created the module uses of the mexican air service fees for merchants tokens generation for example exact june is generating thousand pieces of 100 USD worth gift card tokens

It will need to pay the equivalent amount of the vax tokens to the vexanium platform service Vista idea campaigns merchants will pay services fees in vex budget on the number of target audiences it reaches out to the vexanium platform for example when the amber girl needs to I dropped a coupon tokens of the 100,000 external users the platform will collect the equivalent amount of the vex token from M burger trading vex seconds and will be the main training power for all tokens or cryptic races on the vex exchange platform training fees the users will receive 50% of the tracing things in their life change if or she holds a certain amount of Vex

Ok guys that's all for today thank you for watching and see you in the next article.

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