Memority platform - Data storage revolution on blockchain

Let's look at their website and find something about the project memority is completely decentralized ultra secure encrypted data search and the blockchain owners of 10,000 or more MMR tokens receive and include exclusive opportunity to earn MMR tokens through mining without the need of expensive computing equipment proof of Authority mining and alpha version of the application is ready.

We can see that Token sale with 15% bonus is life and project almost reached the softcap token sale with the 15% bonus in and in 22 days and platform accepted payments through ethereum, Bitcoin, Bitcoin cash, litecoin Visa and MasterCard.

Okay memority is the platform for completely decentralized all the secure storage of vailable data on the blockchain which anchors ensures the continued availability of several encrypted copies of data and related to storage location around the world and here we can see some benefits up for this platform the data is encrypted with your private game it is really important data is protected from accident deletion data is protected from forgery and the system is completely self-contained and independent.

I think it's good and we can see that project tournament is really more interesting from their competitors like Dropbox Amazon Google Drive, Memority is pretty better.

Okay so blockchain based data storage system memority mission is to create a self softened a system that includes a Verity of application to meet the needs of businesses government organization and individuals in ultra secure Church of all types available data.

The more DAPP allows third-party developers to create desktop online apps for this is realized encrypted search of various types of data without lengthy investigation into technical details on the blockchain technology developers of such application are rewarded with a part of all storage payments for files that upload with their apps.

Ok and why you should choose new Memority there we can see of six benefits so it is file encryption the next one this is realized storage protection from data forgery motivation of all participants proof of authority money and at last step ap for application development.

You can meet the team of memority and here we can have four links on their LinkedIn so you can read about the mall and know them better you can read about their past projects and the team of memority is really really experienced so they can provide really nice advantages for their investors.

Some about token sale we can see that 20% bonus on pre Ico was from eighth sixteenth to May 13th now we have fifteen percent bonus then 10% bonus and 5% bonus token price will be 0.1USD  and soft cap is 5 million USD hard cap is 85 we have dollars.

Ok you're talking distribution you can see here and to manage distribution based on amount collected you can see here it is really interesting that they have some plans for each distribution collected a road map of the project on the website you can look it here and we see that memority idea was born on 2016

So the platform have plans for next two years and it is really interesting.

So if you like this project you can go to their website and decide should you invest or not but I recommend you go to whitelist right now and have tokens with 15% bonus okay that's all about memority for today.

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