I'm going to review about one more awesome ICO which will be happening in the next 10 days or nine days that is Konios, Konios is the platform which is completely Swiss compliance means Switzerland compliance regulatory compliance you can say and then there's lots of things happening with the cryptocurrency regulation in my country in India the exchange is local exchanges like big big exchanges we can't able to trade or exchange the currency fiat currency between the bank means central bank has been blocked and then it's banned to trade between the crypto currency as well as the Fiat in India or any country means most of the country like China also recently came with the same scenario even the lots of countries are coming with that case means regulating and lots of things happening.

But Konios is the platform is giving the complete solution for that with Swiss compliance so that you can buy and then sell cryptocurrency which you want it will buy or sale one another mostly you can do and then platform is giving the ability to sell the product which you want you just take a picture and then send it quote the price in a Fiat or anything and anyone you can sell the coins whatever the cryptocurrency you are hanging etherium or Bitcoin or you can even buy that one using a fiat currency and then it's giving a complete solution for that.

So the pre sell started and then 7.9% it's already raised and then it's having a fall it's having a huge potential eighty and then it's solving lots of problem like restriction regulation and then personal data requirements that's the main thing kyc is required for every crypt rotating or in the local exchanges are holding back a huge amount of money to access the crypto community.

And then cause cash outs on banks and governments giving your heart time to cash or and there's no problem cash out in cash with a Konios and then buy crypto is solved because you want to buy but it's too complicated just select the crypto you want and then push the button and then sell and buy what you want and then you just start a take the picture of the content you want into sale means any things you want to sell and then quote the price that's it.

Get paid for your services for service and wait for the question customer so it's over on it's giving a complete solution into an solution you can buy and sell the things you can buy and sell your service like your program or anyone you just put it in a platform and then get if anyone wanted service and then you get paid through this one.

And then there's giving very easy to access and then it's the cashing out problem and solving it's the main thing and then it's given a here swiss-made and then means it's a switch complaints as I said it's grown faster and then it's having your daily usage means you can cash out the cryptocurrency and then you can do a face to face system.

So that you can sell that share and then trade, so ICO is happening on May 1st and then there will be 35% bonus yes guys it's 35% bonus and then one konios is equal to 0.01 usd means one since it's very cheap plus thirty five percent extra bonus it's awesome right.

So the accepted currency will be Bitcoin Ethereum and Fiat and then if crowd before started you can just register here in the main so that you will be able to participate on ICO now on time and then get a thirty five percent bonus then after it will reduce twenty percent then ten percent all right degrees like that so total supply will be five billion and the token distribution fund allocation how would be working everything is given the complete whitepaper as well as websites link I am game below.

Please go through that before you I mean if before you invest on your hard-earned money to any ICO please go through the team everything I have given the details about the team everything in a description please go through that and then it's partners with BTC Express and then art bite.

So overall it's looking a quite potential project please go through that before investing anything thanks for reading.

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