Global REIT: The First Sharia-Compliant REIT Launched in the Cryptocurrency Market

Welcome to the YPramedia today we are reviewing a Global Reit today we will talk about company technical aspect and blockchain technology, introducing rates real estate investing is an increasingly favorable method of well building and there are many ways for individuals to invest in real estate.

However traditional real estate investment models have immense barriers to entry they create onerous burden in terms of regulatory and financial aspects attached to them and makes investing infeasible for most of the potential investors.

For example if you want to own a real estate assets in a foreign country in addition to the significant capital required for purchasing your assets itself you will generally need to incorporate a local entirety as an investing partner science investment by foreign investors is restricted and most jurisdictions.

Associated with them further there are restrictions on the type of property funds an investor may invest in limited choice and developers access to capital foreign direct investment also has vulnerability attached to it in terms micro and macro economic conditions in each country to mitigate these risks and overcome investing challenges Margate offers real estate investment trust rates as an alternative investment vehicle a rate is a Trust Corporation or an association that owns or finance income-producing real estate and can be publicly listed or privately owned.

Blockchain technology one of the most talked about topics and the financial services industry today is blockchain is the current biggest market disrupter.

It was initially designed to facilitate after rise and along the transfer of bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrencies our digital money now to use the blockchain technology to facilitate secure and anonymous transactions statics as of today showed the market cap of cryptocurrencies and 500 billion dollars.

Now about Global Reit vision of Global Reit is to create a global real estate investment portfolio and will offer additional benefits than a traditional Reit by intervening Reit to the blockchain technology Global Reit will begin its investor offering at his home base in Dubai and rapidly expand worldwide the company sees cryptocurrency investors who want to similar to mostly invest in real estate and in regular dividends and real estate holders seeking to exit into a liquid market on cord by cryptocurrency as their key targets for participation on the Global Reit platform.

Global Reit to be launched in the market in his offering investors exposure to global real estate markets without the necessity of occurring and entire property and shoot the management and compliance obligations to the found management Global Reit will a cure acid stirring from UEA and rapidly enter properties and jurisdiction worldwide the first assets under management will have a net assets value of 75 million dollars and the total portfolio while a global rate is projected to reach 10 billion dollars by end of five years.

The technical aspect of Global Reit perhaps the key things to mention here is that the technical side of things is more straight forward and then their product perhaps alludes to at first you may think that it involves purchasing aspects of real estate but it's not the case in still view tokens as being something similar to shares in the parent company and assets done-day managed which is slow suddenly different forms of real estate and you will have a better picture of what to expect.

GRET token referral to the found management part of the company while the great refers to the assets management aspect of the company from a technical perspective you simply purchase the token and can hold on to them in order to get their revenue or trade them a surprise substitutes this is the company is seeking to raise additional funds for their investments were you able to take part we are the creation of a smart contract in relation to the number of tokens then you own we in the transaction and taking place we have the blockchain to provide completely transparency all times.

For today this is the end thanks for reading more information about this project will be in the next article


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