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Hi guys and welcome back to my blog so today I would like to tell you about the project that is called cryptorobotics and they have already gathered their Softcap and they have actually gathered three times more than their Softcap is now so it's not a surprise for me actually because from the very beginning I've had the idea that this project is something worth it.

So I will tell you more about this project now and that token sale will be ongoing for seven days more so if you like this project you may also join it and buy some of their robot tokens.

So cryptorobotics has a trade terminal and it combines all of the major crypto exchanges and you may trade switching between all of them just in one click but the main feature in this platform to my mind is robots so there are three like pre-installed robots in the platform which have been created by the developers them selves so it is just some algorithms for automated trading and you may also create your own robots according to your own trading strategy and according to those indicators which you personally use in your everyday trading.

So there is a special robot constructor for this so you will not need any programming skills or you will not need to learn how to code to do it there will be simple drag-and-drop interface so you easily can do it and then after your robot is done you can also back test it on the previous real historical theater and to see how efficient it is how good it works and whether it will really help you to arrange some money.

So after your robot is tested and when you think that is really cool it's working and it's helping you to earn more you may want to sell it to other traders and you can use this opportunity which is called Robot marketplace so you may sell your efficient good working robots to other traders and of course you can also buy robots from them it is a great solution to improve your trading strategy just to buy some good robots from other traders.

And there is another one way to learn from other traders it is Auto following of the best traders on the platform, so there will be some kind of you know social platform with the ranking of all of the best traders and you may follow all of the transactions all of the trade of one of them, so this is also a great opportunity to improve your earning while trading on the exchanges.

So as I have already mentioned that token sale is ongoing now and it will go for a seven days, so I will leave the link to their website with token sale page in the description to this article so you may buy Robo tokens which will be used as a payment method within the ecosystem within the platform and they will also be traded on crypto exchanges after the end of the token sale.

So if you want to learn what about this project I will leave also the link to their white people with all the technical details about their solution so I recommend you to check it so that is all that I want you to tell you about this project today thank you for reading.


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