Synthestech - Cold Transmutation Technology, Technology for Precious Metals Synthesis

Synthestech - Teknologi Transmutasi Dingin, Teknologi untuk Sintesis Logam Mulia

Cold Transmutation Technology

There are so many new technologies emerging, Of which may not be possible at this present moment.

One of them is cold transmutation technology, One of the technology being developed by Synthetech, Apasih cold transmutation technology?

Cold transmutation technology that allows to convert elements of chemical elements into other forms of certain objects, which are certainly more valuable and very very rare.

Without using enormous energy impacts of course, in this case we can take samples such as transformation of tungsten into platinum.

Synthetech, has done hundreds of experiments and got very amazing results, They learn how to change some elements into other elements, but the research has not been there, they will transfer from probation to industrial level.

Let's Know The Deep Synthetech Project:

Synthestech - Teknologi Transmutasi Dingin, Teknologi untuk Sintesis Logam Mulia

The Synthetech project discusses cold technology for chemical elements, Cold Transmutation or can be called (LENR). It is a chemical element that is an innovative technological breakthrough to convert some chemical elements into other elements. Such a cheap element becomes a valuable item.

This is a way of enabling obtaining other precious precious metals such as platinum and including gold from cheap materials by artificial means.

The ability to synthesize chemicals will change the world economy in a way that is even more significant, compared with blockchain technology even later.

Cold transmutation was discovered in the last few decades, Team Synthetech is developing this technology.

They have done hundreds of experiments and achieved phenomenal results. among these results some of the metals obtained are platinum, iridium, ruthenium, platinum groups.

In addition a number of valuable elements are obtained such as germanium, europium, niobium, selenium which are not in the original matrix and have attractive properties, It is obviously difficult to underestimate this result, because many elements of elements that are acquired are not replaceable in industry, car production , production of even modern medicine technology.

Synthestech - Teknologi Transmutasi Dingin, Teknologi untuk Sintesis Logam Mulia

Prior to the launch of ICO "Synthetech" much of the excitement among prospective seekers appeared around this event.

Each token has the right to gain a share of the profits from technology implementation, this not only contributes to modern science and invention of course, but is also a permanent source of income for depositors over a long period.

Technology that produces valuable elements of cheap raw materials similar to golden laying chickens, In the virtual ICO, For example on the development and introduction of the program, each token is hardly equipped with anything.

Synthestech, on the contrary, its own Laboratory, Tools and many other things represent tangible money, as investors ensure their investment is guaranteed.

Sales Token

Synthestech - Teknologi Transmutasi Dingin, Teknologi untuk Sintesis Logam Mulia

Synthetech's team invites partners and investors to join Synthetech's laboratory and participate in it as well as in a token sale generation event.

Synthetech will issue tokens on the Etherium platform, which will be sold to bitcoin investors as well as Etherium. The funds to be collected will be used for laboratory development and technological development on an industrial scale.

The token sale will be held by the Swiss SARLM Isotope company listed in Switzerland, in Canton Jenawa, the Swiss Isotope SARL conducted several research studies on the phenomenon of transmutation of cold elements with nuclear chemistry.

The ultimate goal of this research is actually for the development of commercially applicable technology.

Here's Details of Synthetech Token Sales:

The commercial name of this project is actually: "Synthetech"
Token Name: Synthetech Token
Token Ticker: STT
Token Price: 1USD / SST
Total Token: 18,000,000 SST

All of these tokens provide 36% of the profits received from the commercialization of the technology.
Payments will be automatically made to investors through the ETH or BTC Wallet they use during the token sale program.

Buy the STT token now and get the offer now and earn up to 25% bonus.

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