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Hello, everyone, this is Yogi from YPramedia training and today we're going to talk about another ICO which is safein basically a single sign-on digital identity and payment wallet it's going to be a discussion around a review about safety and I'm gonna share with you some vailable details around the ICO market.
So hopefully this article is gonna be attractive straight to the point and it's gonna bring some value on the table right so we get started first things first company people and background I've mentioned this a couple of times you definitely need to know what is behind that I see website you see out there what is behind that plan idea and project it needs to be some real company real people and real background
Otherwise it's not gonna work if you see a lot of the red flags it's not working so we're doing our research process making sure that it is possible to eliminate all the red flags which could not permit an investor to proceed right so establish on July 2017 with headquarters based in Vilnius Lithuania approximately 50 members of it right now with +7 advisors right so this is what they're having
I like to talk about a team gonna share with that in a few moments it's a real company existing company which has a headquarters it's having offices it's having basically a license to activate and it's definitely coordinated organized by serious people behind it
Now I tell you that serious investors will pay high attention to every single detail out there that you're having therefore timing says a lot preparation and management isn't happening in a few weeks you can't put a nice you're out there in a few weeks you need time you need to plan a lot of the things and you need me to be a right regulatory speaking you need to be correct and right you need to have all the issues sorted
Out now for those of you thinking that an ICO is kind of very easy to put out because your login or you create an account on a specific ICO website you get an address and you send your Ethereum to that address and that's pretty much all you do as a participant or maybe you joined a whitelist so as a surface that's kind of fall but that's just a surface behind that there is months and months of work if not years depends what is your team what is your budget and so on
So I definitely like to see some period of time off work till you go out there and launch your ICO you because you need to prepare and I'm gonna make a comparison between the ICO which aren't going out there launching their eye shows after two weeks since they went live two weeks of preparation and they're out there three weeks one month or any of those examples are not gonna help rights of July 2017 till right now there is a bunch of months till these guys weren't able to prepare quite a lot and implement a professional business plan which is necessarily for every single ICO to succeed
Now it needs to have specific departments and all those things which are lacking and missing in a lot of the ICO now days they were able to succeed on employing companies and specific people taking care about this site which I definitely like so let me just go back to the headquarters visit which is something I've discussed with them and it's per minute
Right so if you place a request or if you get in touch with them and it's something basically I'm suggesting at least for the big investors or people looking to put half a million what a million or no matter on the amount of money how much if it's a lot of the money for you and you believe it's worth your time to visit and meet up with those people behind the project
This is definitely possible with them because I've asked them it's something I'm always asking are you kind of looking to appear to publicly and meet up with people which are looking to see you in the real life and so on basically and it's permitted so there are allowing that now you definitely want to see that this is based in Lithuania willness and you definitely probably need to be out there in order to be able to do this
Right so that's another detail which I want to make sure because again we have so many ICO out there which are saying no I'm not able to meet up with you because I don't want to show my face or add other ICO which are like not even showing the team members or other ICO which are kinda showing the team members they're not even jumping on a Skype call with you they're not even looking to meet up with you they're not participating at events they're not going anywhere that could basically represent public face nothing
Now what's happening with an ICO like that I mean is all correct behind it it's all right are you trusting a picture and some texts that it's really behind that person or not right so there's a lot of the details that you need to make sure and in this case scenario it's possible to get in touch with these guys which is something I appreciate and I believe you guys should know about this as well for your future returns and for other projects that you're looking as well and for this one too
Now the team is covering the following fields this is another thing I'd like to mention we're able to see a bunch of the ICO going out live every single day that's nothing special anymore we're looking and we have the tabs specifics on the website with seis team right so we're looking at the team
Now not many people mention the background of that people or what are do that what are the experts what are they working on what's their department they're taking care on that specific ICO I don't really care about your name or history as long as I don't know what you're doing in that ICO basically
Now these guys are mentioning right so what they're covering and all the categories are basically listed there business legal operations FinTech cybersecurity we've got three people there business development there are two guys over there marketing and growth sales and business development senior IT project manager senior development team lead senior ethereum blockchain developer regulatory finance UX UI and data basically
So this is what their team is kind of covering as what kind of expertise do they have you can definitely look after the team it's mentioned on their website CEO co-founder Vladas Jurkevičius hopefully I'm mentioning his knight his name correctly it's a person basically educating himself in master of engineering mechanical engineering at Cambridge University you can see all this think public of very fighters it's not a lights novice canvasses something public he is also co-founder and CEO at Helis which is another company established in 2012 in Kaunas Lithuania and that's their official website right there basically this company is taking care about and it's currently working with more than a hundred employees pushing in a single direction programming software design development ecommerce gaming industry eastwards and product development
Right so what I wanted to talk about and the reason why I've mentioned the CEO background a little bit just in a few words of course there's a lot to talk about there's a lot to research and there is a lot to read now see you expertise previous performance this is something I know a lot of people don't look after you see the CEO it might have a great name beautiful background but what about a performance you see that you work in a specific company do you want to see if that's successful or not because I do believe you should see if that project if that company is successful or not he might be a big guy with a nice name for the blockchain industry for be under new suffer design industry right who's got huge because of some specific reasons which are not success performance other reasons that's why he's you
So I believe you would like to find out and the majority of people are not really taking care about is this is something I'm trying to point out is that performance how were you able to perform before creating this ICO what is your previous performance in the world in the business in whatever you have done we would like to see this confirmation we need this in order to make sure that's sort of a way a quality guy as a filter right so even after you run this filters people need to confirm execute and develop dedicate themselves and build up a project the ICO is not successful just because it has amazing people behind it right
So there is a lot to do afterwards well there is a filter a type of research that you have to do in order to make sure that you're growing your chances of succeeding with an ICO this is why you have to do all these things therefore this person out there is definitely involved in a successful business at helis that's their official website right here ( you can see research and look after
What Is Safein ?
Another thing that I wanted to mention basically we're going towards and we're talking about safein which is an online wallet for both funds and identity safing is looking to eliminate repeat registration identity checks and KYC procedures with safe and eases can easily demonstrate their true identity online where needed make instant payments in any crypto or fiat currency and control the extent of their personal data given out to various service providers
right so safe in addresses today's problem in e-commerce and cryptocurrency transactions by offering a single click signing verification and payments functionality now I definitely want to mention one thing here because I had an e-commerce website and not only a website I had a business with multiple websites on Shopify if you're familiar with that ecommerce platform right so Shopify our build up ecommerce websites and I've been in a lot of the troubles because I had issues on getting paid
No cryptocurrencies were allowed there was nothing like a bridge in the middle for me to be able to put this together in a nice way therefore I lost the low conversion rates I lost do very high costs of Facebook ad expensive marketing and all this stuff and it wasn't working it was a failed business for me with e-commerce because I had a lot of the issues that for example in this case scenario safein would help me right so talking about an e-commerce perspective safety basin it definitely comes out with value otherwise they would not do this project no project out there that serious would pay attention to an industry or to something that would not really represent valid
Because they would not work on it it would not worth it they would not do it right it's very simple very rational that's the way usually it works every single business people know if it's worth it or not before they start working on if it realistically has a value or not right so this is something they already done and we just have to see that now I've been able to see a couple of great things out there and I'm mentioning that basically sharing them in this review of the present for you to be able to do your research better
RIght so I've been there with the e-commerce and I've suffered a lot and it was very hard for me to put together every single step that you need to do even though Shopify an e-commerce platform was quite easy to set up there are a couple of things in the background which are not easy at all
Right so for users talking about from users perspective no more registrations in multiple websites as long as those websites are covered by safein right so as long as those surfaces aren't working but those merchants are working with safe and you don't have to resistor because it's kind of a chain you're registered for once at safein and you can use your account everywhere to participate on the websites no more waiting to get kyc done for each site or ICO in this case scenario we all know there is a bounty of competition out there for safein there is a lot of the ICO a lot of crypto which are taking care for the same thing KYC processor one-click KYC process there are all these things and there is huge competition when we talk about this kind of safety one-click and a swell wallets in some case scenarios there is competition
I'm not gonna say same thing it's not having competition it does have and that's great I like competition I like to see a Bounty of youtubers out there I like to see great videos put out by them I like to see create ICO out there I like to see people doing better than me because this way I can do more and
I can raise the bar and therefore I do believe any successful project need some competition around because this is the way you can push if you're leading your first and you're alone you're not really having anyone to fight with and you have high chances of not going as fast as you would go while you would have to fight someone that's the competition right so competition is always healthy it's good in a group in a team and work healthy competition it's great search it always search it gets good
That thing is right there trusted convenient quick payments and Fiat encrypted in Fiat and right so Fiat is covered as well a lot of the projects are not covering Fiat they will need a license and will take some time that's why it for the full payment functionality it will take 14 months the full payment functionally will mean fear and Cryptos to get a license and to be implementing it directly within the system already right so it needs kind of 14 months from now that's what I've been tool basically to put this like live to go out there on the market with it now for the Cryptos alone it needs kind of around approximately nine months basically to put this thing out there on the market and this are a couple of details I've been able to find out directly from their Team
It has privacy cyber security and data protection for you as a user it's crucial we are joining a lot of the ICO nowadays and we need to send out our documents and I do believe you are risking a lot because we don't know those people were sending your documents at all we don't know how are they going to secure Oracle documents we don't have any sort of guarantee of our documents will be stored securely no guarantee no ICO nobody does that and I do believe if there is a way to create more security around your documents plus the speed that we need to write you sir everywhere plus all the data you're putting in needs to be protected that's something plus for the market right it's something plus for the market
And I'm gonna mention that a lot of other projects are doing this thing as well but that's something completely else you definitely need to see the valid in as a comparison making between safety and other projects and see if it's convenient for you City believe any trusted going towards revolutionary referral program with token rewards if you invite people you're gonna get tokens those Token worth money you'll make money very simple there needs to be an incentive in order for people to start using is safein and they know that we know that there you go a referral program is something that can be put here and that's what they put in here basically and you get a tokens which is great basically so that's another plus right there for merchants enhance trust and increase conversion rates exactly what I said I being there I've been a merchant and I needed something like safein hats I needed to be able to represent that trust that cryptocurrency does today
No issues in the middle no middleman you send out of your Ethereum you pay something gonna buy a t-shirt you didn't pay with ethereum you're good to go if you want to go with fiat you can go as well in that direction by using basically different services which are covered in cyber security now the conversion rate is coming in automatically with better services better conversion rates if you give your audience possibilities to pay when crypto fiat you kind of covered everything right you should also cover I mean you can't cover a gold or a silver but you can cover crypto and fiat which is pretty much enough for you to be successful as an e-commerce website so therefore if you increase the chances you increase your rates and profits
Reduce customer support costs a lot of the issues around that I can tell you that because of the payment system I was having with my Shopify website I was having a lot of support messages costs and everything that comes with it right so the more you have the more you eliminate out of the bad area as a merchant basically right so free KYC for you you don't need to do them anymore because safe you have done that in order to accept all the users in the database they need to do the KYC verification so whoever buys participates don't need to do this you will don't need to take care about this process secure guarantee or anything at all and think about people which are kinda rushing away going away from you when they see they need to send you the documents they have
I mean they would probably lose confidences they don't know who you are but if there is a company behind safing covering this that kind of issue is pretty much eliminated in my opinion because I faced this problems personally talking about right
So lower cryptocurrency and Fiat transaction costs that's true it's a lot cheaper using cryptocurrency and Fiat transaction costs as long as it's made as a large scale it's always cheaper when you do large volumes lower compliance costs in risks as well as protection which is happening right there you've got all these things basically going towards saving is a game changer because of ability to easily solve the delays crypto payments and multiple accounts management problems in e-commerce free of charge user verification and data protection services complying with applicable regulations
Exceptional focus on easiness of use integration and cybersecurity tokenize platform business where everyone benefits from being part of the network which is another great part right so if you are part of the network you're gonna get tokens you're going to be rewarded
Safein growth roadmap is based on basically establishing our user base by moving from sector to sector and improving user experience in some sectors first in crypto business gaming financial services and then moving into e-commerce and widespread adoption right so here's not a digital that's I believe it's definitely important that the people behind this project needs to have some sort of relationships contacts and business experience in order to be able to jump on the market and get all this user base customers merchants and connections ready to go
Otherwise if they have no other businesses no other connections it's going to be extremely difficult the competition is insane it's a bounty of projects covering these things is insane it's not gonna be easy but I like to think that they have that company I've mentioned which is a very popular company out there in their country specifically what I believe it's going already with worldwide contracts and worldwide businesses and that's a huge plus out there that's a huge plus out there that they have a such a company in the background
And I also believe they would not work on a project knowing that they would get stuck when it comes down to finding merchants right so it's like we put together everything that we need to put together but if we get stuck at finding merchants and putting our product in practice in live within the market right than the people we're not gonna come out with anything so they probably thought about this and they should have this under control they should know what's the audience when they go out there as merchants and userspace right so I do believe they have done their research around this thing
Now the saving token ICO funds allocation developing cryptocurrency wallet and payments functionality obtaining the electronic money institution license launching fear deposits and merchants payments euro pounds dollars acquiring first 500 mid to large skilled merchants administrative operational and staffing expenditures for two years saving token features a hunters and free payments for merchants who pulls a saving tokens for you to use safein as a service it's gonna be free you create your account you use it or a service and you don't have to be anything because the merchants will pay
Now if they will hold tokens if they will postal codes it's gonna be free for them as well what a great incentive in my opinion monthly cash backs for users paying with safe in tokens you're gonna make some money by using saving tokens login pool to incentivize safety news among users and website registration pool to reward new users referral pool to grow user base rapidly
Numbers details troubles for of online e-commerce superior account separate account for each website repeated account verification high processing fees fraud and charge back risks excessive personal data mining let me tell you another detail regarding my e-commerce website I have fraud and church back risks it's around that I had more than ten thousand bucks in Church fax from a scanner who have dummies on purpose you know I won because you can have a painful case and you can win if you're right and if they judge you in that way
So I proved I've delivered the products and so but I got some with my business more than ten thousand bucks were stuck there were kind of taken away from my account and they were camped block till the case was solved right so I had some issues and I'm sure a lot of people a lot of merchants or the e-commerce web says they're having this and it's not what I'm you know having what I'm facing and what I had what I faced in the past it's all about if you guys know about this issues you can see them right you can visualize that these things are actually realistically appearing in this business models
The Safein solution comes in with single account for any website one-off ID verification to cover all sites low-cost or free for token holders risk-free payments full control of your personal data and for the last minutes we've got ICO details pre I see all starts on April 3rd May night seal starts on April 25th that's how it's represented basically on their website now you can get more details from their medium right their medium profile their website right there is located in the bellow you can check for telegram Twitter and me that's where you will be able to see any sort of updates if the Bates are gonna change or how do you join the whitelist because you need to join the whitelist in order to participate and all these details that you need to look at right that's something I don't want to push basically on you because that's something if you want to look you're gonna look at
I know people if they want to participate they will do all the research they need you know what is to participate I'm just trying to help you with some details from my own perspective for my own opinion around this I see oh and hopefully I brought some value inside this article even for future research even for this ICO out there even from knowledge and skills perspective hopefully hopefully there is some value here thank you so much for reading feel free to check the links in the bellow like share comment do exactly what you feel this freedom here on blog you can do whatever you feel around it thank you so much once again feel free to vote and talk to you soon.
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