Nuggets ICO: Control Your Data & Protect Your Identity

Hi everyone today we are talking about Nuggets, Nuggets is a platform for identity identification with the help of blockchain technology using the capabilities of nugget services you can forget about permanent authorization and whereas portals.
But using only the account of our today's platform, every day we use dozens of electronic services who make purchases orders payments communicate in social networks for each such action we have a separate orchestrate account to which a payment card is often tied and some data is not stored for prying eyes.
In fact this is necessary to identify your identity in particular sirs typically access to such an account is by entering a login and password but people do not want to remember complex passwords so they make them simple identical or simply save with the service so they do not enter every time and this data are confidential and a welcome cache of scanners getting into other people's dirty hands such data can cause significant damage to its owner its documents can be owned in friendly and schemes and money is simply stolen.
Heaven registered in nuggets on the ones you can always get access to each of the services connected to cooperation with the platform to do this you must enter the standard set of data in the Nuggets registration field which is requested when creating an account for any of the sites from social network to the trading platform first of all you need to have a mobile service with touch ID support on it you install application and with the help of the fingerprint get access to it on it you install the application and with the help of a fingerprint get access to it.
Next you need to take a picture of one of the documents that confirm your identity after Blue selfie in order for the system to link your fingerprint and you're direct with you a kind of confirmation, well, in the end, you add a payment card which you will use when working with services on the Internet.
Of course do not forget to come with a password and it's necessary to make it more reliable on one hand it will protect your most important personal information and on the other hand it will be only one for all occasions so we will not forget it so let's talk about some pros of blockchain you enter at this data every time you wanted to become a user of any service trusted them in the hands of centralized companies rely only on the good face now it will be stored in blockchain which will give your a number of advantages.
So no one can gain unauthorized access to them this means that even if an attacker attempts to delete or change your data the technology simply will not let him do it, sends to the blockchain you can see all actions performed with your information to whom and when it was provided this means that even if someone gets access to your account he will always be able to find out about it in time.
With nuggets everyone can take back control of the data instead of handling overpayment and personal information each individual can choose if and when to share data and do so only on their own terms nuggets returns powers to the people and it also liberates companies from burden of trying to manage and secure huge data silos Verizon this seamless it can remove the biggest challenge facing companies today cybersecurity.
Thanks to the platform you may have an account that you can use as a key to access a wide range of Internet services to do this you do not even need to enter the password every time all this attach ID is required to become a user on the site or platform.
Token the economy at platform will be based on the internal, not Token which will have a real, Token sale from the moment you registered to the nugget system you will receive not totals for your activity tokens will be charged for plowed in documents to the system for attracting new users for purchases you make you will receive the same reward in tokens.
This is a kind of mix of cashback and loyalty system in addition to the above-described security benefits and what's more you can spend not token store activity in any store walking with a Nuggets platform the commission will be withheld only from sellers for the fact that you use their services through nebulous and now imagine how many millions of people and shops need such a service nuggets could make our lives easier and protect sensitive data at the same time providing great rewards for using the system thank you for your attention goodbye have a nice day.
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