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So please do your own research and see what you want to invest into today we're looking at UBcoin market a UBcoin.

and this is the easiest way to become a crypto investor or to spend crypto coins it's a marketplace where anyone can safely and instantly sell it by real goods in exchange for cryptocurrency.

Which is very exciting you can click in here to invest now as we look here we can see the discounts for all much Ethereum 17% you can click this YouTube video to see how it works you can also look at their social media icons here on Facebook telegram reddit YouTube.

So how does UBcoin really work it's a first-of-its-kind crypto goods person-to-person exchange that's using the marketplace platform so that anyone can safely and instantly sell any goods and become cryptocurrency holder or buy any Goods and forget about getting fiat money.

First so there's three big reasons why it's a good idea to look at uber, market is a new strategic feature of ubank mature existing company since 2009 it's the leader in mobile finance in East Europe the ubank mobile app has over 16 million installations worldwide it is an exclusive pre-installed on all Samsung and fly smartphones including the Galaxy S9

And the ICO will raise funds for the UBcoin market rapid development and global expansion you will be the one who builds the whole new market which is very exciting and we have their investors runa capital in venture partners Americas group and partners already work with Samsung fly QA mastercard visa LG and Motorola you can get tokens here at a 17 percent discount.

You can also join the referral program and their trusted by quite a lot of different coin reviewers including ICO alert ICO marks crypto slate lists ICO coin speaker corn codex wiser ICO top tokens and ICO holder just to name a few so UBank today we know how to treat investors well and deliver on our promises so are they doing 16 + million Ubank app downloads on Android and iOS and over five million registered users globally 2.5 million monthly active users in  over Ubank.

And 200,000 daily active users and 20 million transactions are processed by you Bank system every year since 2013 so why should you trust we already lost 3 successful business projects and Nephilim you talk and you bank and you can watch the video here so what is the UBcoin market the UBcoin market.

The next leap forward for you Bank leading mobile payment app in Eastern Europe now with aetherium blockchain exchange traded ub cryptocurrency and peer-to-peer smart contracts for buying goods for cryptocurrency ue market will become part of ubank app.

As a new feature and you can see some of the great Alt is a has cryptocurrency mass adoption we promote mass adoption of digital assets that are both a means of settlement and an investment vehicle peer-to-peer interaction cows many intermediaries as possible the platform facilitates smart contract execution between independent parties legal marketplace.

We are developing an AI technology to pre-screen seller postings for potential infringement of reason morality safety and due care decentralization blockchain allows for decentralized initiation settlement and fulfillment of transactions payments are immediate upon performance under smart contracts impeccable interface our interface designs bring harmony and seamless experience but buying and selling goods globally and an open community we strive to open our API to the develop the best adaptations of the platform.

For specific local needs we also envision engagement of third-party providers delivery companies node you can download on Google Play or get it on the App Store and there's been a lot of press from forums from Arab it from CCN from fin extra from crypto potato just to mention a few and it has mass consumers came ubc coins without mining or exchanges.

Simply by selling goods and services easy way to become an owner or investor in the cryptocurrency space and miners and crypto investors enjoy their crypto wealth by spending on real-world goods and services no conversion to fiat money needed transactions are settled in digital currency with smart contracts and here's a technical scheme explaining how the UB app platform applies on the blockchain technology to create manage and offer a tokenize cryptocurrency in the platform.

Itself we can see how it's working wallet the buyer or the p2p market and the buying platform for goods services and offers with the you be coin market may be weak points in a smart contract and new bitcoins can then as it goes go from the wallets of the seller and it goes through this process and we also have the UBCoins going into UBcoin market fees you can click a PDF to see how the technology works in depth as we've said.

You can get tokens with 70% discount and join the referral program here and here are some pictures of you Bank in progress the team behind you wiih coin has been working together since 2009 and currently numbers 50-plus developers and top management and advisor talent we fearlessly focus on turning new technology and a widely adopted customer experience and you can connect with them here by clicking on LinkedIn here and also by reading about them from the CEO to the founders of the phone the different CTO is the CMO the chief operating system you can also look at the advisors and connect with them here on LinkedIn.

As well you can look at the roadmap and see how they've come a long way but they still have a lot to do and what they're trying to reach in the ICL will be held from 2nd of April till the 14th of July and there's bonuses for early investors I said there's 17 percent discount that's going to go to a 13 percent discount and the token distribution stacks up like this 31 percent reserve 3% Community Awards 4% bounty and advisors 12% team allocation 45% public placement and 5% limited private presale.

And there's long-term value token it's native to the ecosystem of the reserve pool their fee discounts anti-dumping measures they as a token buyback program in the token burn program and they will be listed on top exchanges shortly after the ICO is finished you have any questions you can click here and learn from their FAQ if there is anything you're wondering about.

Thank you very much for reading this atrticle.

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