ICO Review : Kepler Technologies ICO , best ICO of 2018

Kepler technologies ICO this project is dedicated for AI and robotics ecosystem which are going to be powered by blockchain before I begin I would like to invite all of you to Follow to YPramedia and also leave a vote for this article if you find it helpful guys.
 ICO Review : Kepler Technologies ICO , best ICO of 2018
Now as you can see they are planning to build a few things, for example, they are planning to build a mega Factory in Georgia on in the laboratory a Kepler tech universal platform and a Kepler Tech campus.
The Kepler technologies is basically that they dedicated to the development of a failure simple and reliable social network universe that will help transform innovative ideas into reality by bringing people around the world to work together.
I don't have to mention guys that Kepler technologies have really grandiose plans and they require a lot of fundings but they want to achieve it's really great it's gonna make some changes around here.
The Kepler universe platform is an innovation ecosystem that will Commission scientific initiatives for developing breakthroughs through global team works the platform will award talented and gifted minds to participate in the development of technological solutions or link up with the right resources and personnel to bring their ideas to life
the Kepler universe platform will be fair simple and reliable for every user it will ensure that each step in this process will be understandable for everyone the platform will be fast efficient flexible and tailored on every individual's desire and expectations.
On the ico bench guys this project got some crazy ratings from 12 blockchain experts as you can see one kepler is 1.25 dollars, guys, white paper we will notice more information regarding the crown founding and they plan to raise two hundred and fifty million dollars and here guys we will be able to see how much how are they gonna spend that money
anyway before we go there they will accept a tournament Bitcoin as payment there is a minimum investment of $50 so anyone can participate in this anyone can take part in this process.
So as you can see the soft cap of the project is 30 million dollars usually other projects have 1 million and 30 million would be like the maximum the very top limit and this ICO comes from Georgina that will be knowing your customer verification process so if you wish to take part in the sale.
You will have to provide a picture with your ID in the picture with your utility bill in order to prove the address let's see what they want to buy guys so a facilities or complex 50 million dollars will be allocated for the construction of that facility or account complex.
The Kepler universe platform will be included in this money the lab and the offices for 150 Rd University for 200 students HT offices for 250 employees and 8,000 square meters factory with 4 500 square meters modular units where the robots will be assembled to 2500 square meters hot war house one for storing and the product and the other for parts storage to campus buildings with which can accommodate 50 guests each both for international teams and students.
When it comes about the equipment guys they're gonna need a hundred million dollars for the lamp plus the platform the factory seventy-five million dollars were fully automated factory were most of the employees and robots a university five million dollars a camp was three million dollars and HQ office is five million dollars other facilities five million dollars in Kepler city network seventeen million dollars.
Overhead on logistics general infrastructure ten million dollars payroll for two years ten million dollars high-tech manufacturing resources and parts acquisition fifty million dollars utility expenses and logistic five million dollars this is insane guys.
This is insane this is madness now guys if you wish to find out more about this project and their team the team behind this project I'm gonna leave a link in the bellow where you can check out more information about everyone do your own do due diligence do your own research kinds and ultimately decide if you wish to invest in this project or not, Thank you all.
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