IAGON - Making waves in Decentralized Cloud Computing - Join the revolutions.

Blockchain technology shocked the world by creating an immense wave of investment opportunity a true revolution has started as the ever-growing amount of data generates an ever increasing demand for cutting-edge artificial intelligence to stay ahead of the curve we'll need a supercomputer larger than anything ever seen before.
One that can provide the processing power and storage we need and that doesn't carry the high costs set by the cloud service powerhouses.
Introducing IAGON a decentralized solution that turns computer resources into a powerful supercomputing grid you can sell your untapped processing power and storage at anytime and from anywhere and even use your business's resources and data centers in the same way.
Your devices become nodes in a massive network all merged into a gigantic machine one that can house the world's demand for complex AI and big data.
IAGON is fully secure and uses the latest encryption methods carrying out processing tasks for users slicing copying and distributing users files across the network anonymously and in an instant in return for computing resources you'll get tokens.
A currency which will grow in value as demand grows they can be sold to organizations and Institute's or exchange to complete complex tasks and store data in bulk at a fair price this is just the beginning of something bigger it's time to ride the waves of IAGON and let your computer resources take us all into the future.

The architecture of IAGON’s platform can be broken down into three unique sections. The sections are the machine learning algorithm, the blockchain and miners, and the encryption/decryption protocol. When a request is sent to IAGON, the machine learning algorithm sends blocks of data over to the miners to process and find for matching signatures. These blocks of data are then sent back to be validated over the blockchain along with an output which the machine learning algorithm will use to identify a node. It will be impossible to identify a node without processing the data in multiple blocks and to identify a correlation thus this provides a level of anonymity and privacy to the users utilizing IAGON’s platform. Individual miners will not be able to identify a certain request or node unless they have access to enough blocks. Blocks are distributed evenly to miners by utilizing proof of variance and does not store any of the data within their local systems. This allows data to be process anonymously without being able to identify any single node individually except through the machine learning algorithm. In addition, Miners are incentivized to process the data quickly to earn rewards, as such it would not be ideal for miners to actually spend time, energy and money to try to store or process the data.
Data mining

IAGON takes a very different approach towards data mining. IAGON does this by utilizing a private blockchain with public network protocols over API networks. A miner does not need to store any of the data in order to mine, the miner’s sole duty is to honestly process the data and send the output back to IAGON’s machine learning algorithm for analysis.
IAGON we revolutionize the cloud, join the revolution.
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