Alt.Estate Blockchain Platform for Trading and Tokenizing Real Estate

Our today's topic is coming straight from Russia and it is called Alt.state it's a blockchain solution about the real estate.

So let's try to find out together what is this and how we can use it, so first of all guys just pay attention please to the marks, the marks are really high so find out of 5 by track ICO rating AA by ICO bizar and 9.4 out of 10 by found ICO so all the marks are really cool on let's go on let's try to find out what is it, so as you all know now there are a lot of blockchain solutions about a real estate market so on this fear is not new that is why we need to find out how this platform differs from the other ones.

So now there are three locations based in USA Japan in Europe where you can find already tokenized immovables sold just now you can for example, buy some meters from this immovables an interesting fact that now everyone can become an investor even if you have just 100 euros so you can buy just for about 10 centimeters of your property.

Let's talk about the advantages so as I already said the first one is low entry ticket so you don't need too much money to participate in this project another thing is about reducing transaction costs so about 30 % of transaction costs will be reduced with always a platform.

The global portfolio means that in the future you can buy or sell almost every property in the world so the borders are really wide so for example you can just buy some meters of renewables in the Brazil so that's cool really strong expertise it's all about that they had really a great experience in the sphere of moveables and that is why they combined all the experience in this platform and other interesting fact is about the security because this platform is a fair room base and that means that all the processes will be safe transparent and secure of course.

Here you can find information about the future of this platform so they predict it and to the predicted so that they are tokens will grow in the first three years up to ten times, so the future of this company can be really bright here we also can find some interesting information about how is it working but I better to show you some advantages of this platform let's watch a small introductory video just about the advantages.

Another thing is for about the user so for example if you have a real property and you haven't got enough money for doing something else, in this case you can tokenize your property and take a profit from it another fact is about the risks so you all know that there are restrictions by government and policies.

So I don't know how this situation can be changed just imagine for example if your tokenized all your property just all of it and so now the property is not yours exactly so who will say to you ok bro now it's not yours so we'll sell it or something like this because there are a lot of country restrictions inland restrictions and so on and this problem is really important.

And so it will be interesting how these guys will solve this problem because of course everything depends on the government policy, so but we'll see it in the future of course so here you can find the information about the advisers and advisers are really smart really talented they're famous all the world so these guys combined all the experience in this platform I mean in alt.state.

Another interesting fact that they want to become they're talking as a standard as a standard in the real estate market so they want to become this talking as the first one talking the real estate market the most favorable and the most conversable choking.

So what let's see it's in the future how it will happen here you'll also can find a roadmap by this platform as I have already said they want to make an industry stranded others so Alt.Estate protocol becomes an industry standard the first crowdfunded in trading platform for tokenized property.

So here you can find the comparison between Alt.state in the other and the other companies based on blockchain solutions in the real estate market and here you can also find some blockchain features it's all clear it's everything it's all the same did centralization liquidity tokenization transparency lower cost and foster transactions it's all about blockchain solutions so here's nothing new.

And of course guys you can find a lot of interesting information in the media so here you can find other than famous newspapers or by downloading whitepaper because the white paper is really full of information and it explains everything about this platform I just also downloaded the list of information of the assumptions and different scenarios of this place from here it is, it contains a lot of statistics and a lot of interesting information about the future plans of a platform show so you can read it by your own really a lot of statistics about this platform.

Let's go on let's talk about the tokens:

Price =  0.00001 ETH  (1 ETH = 100,000 ALT)
Hardcap = $30m

Thats all thanks for reading :D

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