Utrum io - A Trusted Playbook for Crypto Investors

Today we are going to talk about you threw me a crepe to playbook cryptocurrencies now incredibly popular as well as block 2 technologies that need to be implemented in spheres of activities in all organizations that want to remain in demand and receive new customers and decent profits however along with the rapid development of technology.
The number of crypto currency based and blockchain bases project is increasing every day and it's not always possible to find reliable information about each of them and choose which one so they have fans into to solve this problem you turn project was created with the aim to analyze all available information.
In this market and choose the preferable options the platform is decentralized and provides users with qualitative reviews for cryptocurrency projects moreover it makes a full analysis of the market for the convenience of experience curve to investors as well as newcomers.
The main goal of each firm platform at the moment is to increase the level of confidence in the cryptocurrency creating a unique full-fledged ecosystem built on the basis of blockchain technologies and artificial intelligence capabilities.
The following problems and questions are concerning potential investors in cryptocurrency at the moment incomplete in the signing if where the technology is in general in projects in particular man I believe the guys who provide an
opportunity to illegally enrich developers beginners want to get new experience in professional help but and not true whether a project is reliable in his greatest coveted full-fledged work you need to keep in touch with like-minded people other investors.
But users are not sure that there is such an opportunity Utrum successfully solves illicit problems in deference uses the knowledge base accumulated over the years of work that includes reliable in detailed information about products services provided team experienced used current exchange rates we have the necessary information another fact of submission is the creation of unique trading platform with the ability to purchase and sell popular cryptocurrency exchange services.
The term system has the following advantages our reward system when each user is paid bounces for the performance of quality for reviews as well as for the analysis of the market and implementation of reasonable forecasts there is a rating system that allows users to choose the most suitable option by analyzing it in a comparison with others the built-in analytics system and the capabilities of artificial intelligence allowed making more deliberate investments all fraudulent operations are instantly detected the system is completely decentralized based on the blockchain
the platform denies all the world's participants involved into cryptocurrency economy within its framework developers can create a project here and receive an assessment and analyst to show the presence of threats and make training and graphical forecasts.
Participants will be amateurs of cryptocurrencies of different levels as well as investors both beginners and experienced also the system enter a new so-called Trustees this pod fact that the platform is decentralized it was decided to introduce a group of meditators to follow the community as hell Ezrin platformer loses its own tokens oot which is in the basis of all the processes within the platform including a remuneration to participants.
They also provide an opportunity to gain access to in-depth analysis and projections a total of 216 million of this tokens where issue and they are distributed according to the following plan 50% for platform participants 15% for the development team 10% for daily operations 2% for the bounty and referral programs 23% for sale basic period runs from the 24th of April 2018 to may tap on the same gear okay so one OT is 0 upon $12 fantasy during the ICO will be distributed according to the following plan utrum is a make and necessary platform that allows users to select really worthy projects with grey Veldman prospers thanks to the blockchain technologies.
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