TrueGame is a Potential 100x ICO

Hey guys and welcome to today's I see a review of true game so true game is a gambling platform which is blockchain based and it's already actually received some positive comments from the community and view websites like Ico rated.
So true game is an online casino that can operate it in an automated environment it's very transparent to the users and it's secure and it has a ability to turn instant credibility from the gambling community.
So there are various challenges really associated with gambling industry so such as the lack of trust among players and casinos and its platforms for example a player can check the paying capacity of the casino in general so they can't be sure whether the casino management company or whatever the casino entity is if they have funds for payments and whether the jackpot can actually be provided.
So true game is aiming to solve all these problems associated with the gambling industry using blockchain technology so blockchain technology can really help transfer winnings generate random numbers I select rules from any manipulation bringing up full transparency and reliability to the gaming process.
So speaking of transparency all the accumulated funds are consolidated on a smart contract so anyone can look at the size of the jackpot so gambling is perhaps one of the few areas where I would say all the advantages of blockchain solutions can be fully utilized so you have decentralization speed of transaction transparency low transaction costs and high data quality.
So true game has a strong secure platform giving fair chances to each player and fair distribution of winnings with a fully integrated platform gambling market especially is projected to grow from say I think it was 35 billion in 2015 and to grow 200 billion in 2024 so that's great potential so looking at the website you can already see that the high ICO presale has gone very well with 2,600 Ethereum raised which is pretty good with the softcup already raised so you know this cryptocurrency will be in the exchanges.
So let's just go through the website and you can see there are some good reviews a bit on the benefits off the token Howard hold is so soon it's a really interesting concept that I don't see too many gaming online casino kind of gambling I see us going on so this is something good and new most of the time I just see exchanges I see us on exchanges so yeah so true game now a bit more on that Vantage is the problems and solutions of the online gambling market so it is a huge market and there is a lot of potential but really bringing the exposure is what true game needs to do so bringing that customers gaining them new user base it's something which is difficult not just for any gambling firm or any gaming industry but in general.
So there are benefits for talking hole lists or the priests and stage one which is going on house 40% and the preset stage - should start on 19 much so there's 30 much today and there's only six days left so if you're an ICO investor do check out true games white paper and website as quick as possible if it's something to your taste feel free to invest.
So bit more on the additional benefits and the token supply and distribution itself so the total for sale is 70% which is I would say reasonably high on standardly I see on 60% for sale which is no good or bad thing it's just the way it is the softcuap is 2 million the hard cap is 9 million which is reasonably low because most ICO nowadays aim for a hardcap over 1015 million.
So just going through they have a very experienced team people from Microsoft Bitcoin Paypal Bwin so it's it's a really experienced team and it's good that they've actually labeled which companies they're coming from so that you can easily see so bit more on say the team they have lots of developers full-stack trappers financial analysts.
You can see they have some partners already so eSports that's one big market they can exploit it on they have white paper only on the British version but I believe after the bounty campaign they should have multiple white papers in different languages and their own FAQ section let's just go to the white paper quickly.
So just reading through the white paper and then you just go to the top and they have a good detailed structure I would say it's not the shortest white paper but it's good that they've actually gone through a lot of research so you have your problems and solutions of the gambling market the platform what's the benefits really after a game and the target sale information the roadmap and the team so it's a good read to go through I will provide the links below so I hope you enjoyed my review of true game thank you for reading.
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