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What's up guys welcome back to another article in today I'm gonna be taking a look at the decentralized cryptocurrency exchange ico streamity.
Now, this is really really interesting guys for a few reasons it's basically a decentralized exchange which is gonna make it easy for people to change cryptocurrency into fiat money.
Now if you don't know there's not in fact that many ways that you can, in fact, do this you can use coinbase but they have very expensive fees and not many people like coinbase, to be honest, you can use a few exchanges that do it but these exchanges aren't really that well trusted or you could use a program like local bitcoins which are actually very very expensive as those sellers and buyers charge way above the going market price of Bitcoin.
So where extremity comes in is that it's a unique PDP service or cryptocurrency to fiat exchange completely independent unsecured due to the use of smart contracts now as I'm sure you've known many times over smart contracts are gonna change the future of cryptocurrency not only that but the future of the economy and everything else around it
So any company or ICO or project that is using a smart contract it definitely has my attention and stream it streamity is without a doubt one of them so we can see now if you did want to go ahead and get into the ICO you can get a 20% bonus right now so click the link down below and you'll get yourself a 20% bonus if you want to join the crowd sale.
So basically if you don't want to read this article you just want to get the information immediately about streamity just come to the link down below and select the one page once you select the one page it will have all the information you need to know in one easy to understand PDF and you'll be able to get going and join the crowd sale.
So basically they're in their pre ICO they did in fact hit their soft cap of 500,000 USD at 2.8 million US dollars raised so far which is amazing the hard cap is in fact 20 million and they've only been going a while I mean it's still in the pre ICO phase so if you were concerned that they wouldn't reach the hard cap I mean we're already a fifth of the way there right now and it's still in the pre ICO.
So I think you should be pretty comfortable about that so of course as it says here they give priority to users and the community the mission is to contribute to the development of the cryptocurrency community.
So decentralized exchanges are really really good using the smart contracts it's very easy to understand let me show you a small video now from Streamity and hopefully, this will make you understand it a little bit easier.
"Stream desk is a person-to-person platform based on smart contract cryptocurrency exchange stream desk will be a unique and fully automatic service with minimal Commission and fair market price smart contracts will guarantee the perfect security and the transactions of traditional currency will be conducted directly between users with the reception of the official signal from the payment system this signal will serve as a warrant to unblock the smart contract"
You so that was a short video and it really explains it a lot easier than I can do they've got the animation there and it basically shows how the smart contract will work between the buyer and the seller this ensures all the funds are safe and the buyer gets or they're buying and the seller gets or they're selling everything is safe like that.
Streamdesk is a p2p platform where both parties to a transaction are actually individual people there is no comparison between Streamdesk and conventional financial institutions.
Current market problems that they've listed here but my personal market problems with this the fact that exchanges are taking huge fees if you didn't already know binance just reduce their fees by 50% that just shows you how overpriced some of these exchange fees are and hopefully streamity can come in and try and element some of that also some of these exchanges have also been hacked as well because they are centralized exchanges it gives somewhere hackers a place to target due to them being centralized where extremity is decentralized and this is going to be excellent for the future of exchanges.
Key features smart contracts, of course, you all know about that legality I believe you do have to you do have to file I know your customer form just basically about your name in your email everything live like that and that does in fact help with fraud and it just helps me extremely more legitimate minimal Commission's from zero to two percent commissions depending simplicity and convenience I believe streamity is actually going to be pretty much one of the easier to use decentralized exchanges if you have used the decentralized exchange before they are incredibly difficult in my article that I did a few weeks back I showed you some decentralized exchanges and they were pretty difficult to understand even from someone like myself with a good understanding and background in cryptocurrency I did, in fact, find it a little bit difficult to understand those exchanges.
Crypto community and fair service so this is basically what the article went through the cryptocurrency purchase process I'll go over again and maybe given my insight on it so we have the buyer here and we have the order the buyer selects a suitable order from the list in stream in the stream desk application and then goes to stream delay in stream desk to the payment system and then the smart contract and it comes back to the seller so as the order is confirmed the cryptocurrency is blocked by a smart contract this is a little bit like kind of blocking an amount in your credit card but kind of in the cryptocurrency world that sort of smart contracts help to do the bio makes the payment directly to the seller using the selected method once the payment is received from the buyer a smart contract or then release it through the payment system through stream desk and back to the seller that means that the seller will get what they want and the buyer will then get released the crypto that they want basically p2p as the seller receives the money to his account smart contracts obtain a signal which unblocks them then the cryptocurrency is sent.
So yeah I mean streamity is really innovative it's a it's a great platform I really love decentralized exchanges a kind of the new up-and-coming thing yes centralized exchanges are kind of the necessary evil because a lot of people do actually still need these but decentralized exchanges are going to become ever more popular in the future.
If you wanted to know streamity is, in fact, coming to a centralized exchange as well so you don't just have to use a decentralized exchange in order to buy or sell streamity they will be available elsewhere as well.
they've been available different expert reviews and also media about us we can see the coin Telegraph as well and coin Telegraph in fact covered it inside a much many many many more steam it's been on there quite a bit and Ico bench and many more you can click on all these for yourself another look see what different news articles and stuff have been published about it and I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.
So some advantages, advantages form of incorporation resources so stream D aims against winning communities recognition by p2p so they're really going for that community-driven exchange being decentralized and being p2p using small contracts so coming down here we're gonna have a look at that team in fact in just a second so they've already reached their soft cap which is great to see we already seen that quarter 1 was the start of the ICO and then in fact in quarter one again.
They're going to be launching of stream desk quarter 2 we're gonna have a launch of the education and information Streamity resourcing which is very nice to see and down here we are gonna have an ios and android mobile version of streamity in quarter 2 2019 so if you were getting into this I definitely recommend ha telling those coins until at least quarter 2, 2019 when that mobile application is out no doubt that will send the price surging completely.
So a little quick look at the token functions a token type and everything like that so stream it he collects phonons to launch stream desktop stream desk is the p2p cryptocurrency exchange platform of course I've already told you that token name is STM and the token type is an ERC20 token based on the ethereum platform as we all know and love number of tokens is a hundred and eighteen million tokens this is nice to see it's not a crazy high amount of tokens but it's not too low either so we could definitely see a nice juicy price on this with only 180 million tokens the value of the token would be 0.2$ we could easily see 2 3 4 5 dollars maybe even more on launch of this token so there's definitely a potential to 10x or even more your money with this ICO.
So you can purchase with Bitcoin like ethereum, ethereum classic, US dollars, or euros so some of the advantages of the tokens basically I have pretty much said them all before but it helps to reduce the fees that is one of the main things.
Here look at the team see all of their LinkedIn profiles and if you take a look at the CEO vladislav connects off we can in fact see on his LinkedIn profile that he has a very nice background in cryptocurrency and also has been involved in a lot of successful projects so definitely check out this ICO if you haven't already it's still early days for this so you can still get 20% bonus which is pretty awesome definitely get on board with this the softcup has already been reached so the project is definitely going to be launched and no doubt we're going to push up closer to this hard cap as the days go by thanks for reading guys and I'll see you in the next article.
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