HADA DBank ICO - Blockchain Bank Caring and Personal

HADA DBANK Islamic banking with Blockchain Technology. HADA DBANK Digital-based Bank will become the world's first Blockchain to fuse Islamic banking Modules with Blockchain Technology, as well as to create an ecosystem of ethical banking and responsible. Because the Bank's existing Digital and Blockchain the newly created Bank focusing on Conventional banking services, HADA DBANK opts for Islamic Banking services.
Islamic banks less risky and more resilient than their counterparts, because of this aspect of their bank capital requirements and the mobilization of reserves. In contrast to Conventional Banking, Islamic banking to depositors are entitled to be told about what banks are doing with their money. They also have a voice in where their money should be invested. Islamic banks are also trying to avoid the interest at all levels of financial transactions and promote the sharing of risks between the lender and the borrower.
There are two basic principles in Islamic banking. One of these is the Division of profits and losses; and two, significantly, the prohibition of the collection and payment of interest by the creditors and investors. Collect the flowers or "Usury" not permitted by Islamic law. In terms of profits, good bank, as well as its customers in proportion to the, agreed earlier. In the case of all the losses, financial losses will then be borne by the lender. In addition, Islamic banks cannot create debt without goods and services to support it (i.e. physical assets including machinery, equipment, and inventory). Therefore, deposits, savings and investment by HADA DBank will be supported by the physical assets such as precious metals and gemstones.
Islamic banking is not just for Muslims. This is for everyone. Don't let it envelop you. Caring and Personal is the core value of HADA DBANK, shaping and influencing the services, transactions, interactions and running a business. These words will guide behavior internally in the organization of HADA DBANK, and externally with customers and the community.
Providing banking services that are ethical and accountable to all the people, especially the "Unbanked" population is currently.
To become The Leading Global Digital Bank & Blockchain that emphasizes ethics and Responsibility through the principles of Sharia and banking services.

HADACoin ERC-20 Coin Is made by using the platform of the Ethereum. As many as 500 million HADACoin will be created. HADACoin will have 6 units of the decimal. More information on HADACoin as stated below:
Have no intrinsic value and also security, There is no such Monetary provision of the guaranteed Dividend, Return or any related when buying,
You can use Your Coins to financial activities: conduct and service in our banking Platform, pay for services using a Debit card, accepting DBANK HADA Monetary Projections such as dividends, refunds, and any equivalent keep it in a savings account or use DBANK HADA Investment Solutions HADA DBANK. Acting as collateral when applying for unsecured loans and Term HADA DBANK. Mempasarkannya in Crypto-Exchanges and make more profits by boosting the value of the HADACoin.
PRE-ICO (50 Million HADACoin)
Pre-order the ICO will start on December 20, 2017 (00:00 EST) and ends on January 31, 2018 (00:00 EST)
As many as 500 million HADA Coins will be issued. 295 million cash Coin will be sold. Outside of 295 million coins, 20 million will be allocated to private investors and institutional buyers. 50 Million coins 275 Million will be released when the PRE workout-ICO and the remaining 225 million coins will be released in the ICO exercises in the near future. 10 million coins will be allocated to the campaign gift.
Target Funding Pre-ICO Soft Cap = 5.000 ETH Hard Cap = 20.000 ETH HADACoins the remaining unsold during Pre-ICO will be placed into an escrow account for the utilization of the future.
HADACoin in create and intend to increase capital for the development of HADA DBANK. Buyers will be able to use HADACoin to perform a banking transaction or daily activities. Customers HADA DBANK will be issued with a debit card, which allows them to conduct transactions with HADACoin in banking or other trader platform globally.
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