Full Detailed Review Of DeHedge CryptoCurrency

Today we will be reviewing the hedge cryptocurrency the hedge is a risk hedging platform for cryptocurrencies investors who want to protect their investments the presale for the hedge tokens or DHT begins in December DeHedge is a crack decentralized platform that insures investments in icos and cryptocurrencies giving investors protection in case of exchange rate fluctuations scams project cancellations or other unforeseen problems.
The platform is based on the use of smart contracts you enter into a smart contract with the edge and that smart contract pays out automatically in case of an insured event.
How does the hedge work DeHedge a decentralized insurance market you enter into a smart contract with DeHedge and each smart contract is programmed to automatically payout in full if an insured event takes place, the entire platform is built on the ethereum blockchain investors can also waive an automatic payout and choose not to make an insurance claim if the exchange rate drops below a certain amount then the smart contract can pay you eth or BTC in exchange for your tokens or if you're confident the price will come back up then you can waive your claim and hold on to your tokens.
Another key feature of DeHedge is that it's smart contracts use as binary relation algorithm based on insurance reserves and liabilities this makes it impossible for insurance cover to exceed insurance reserves, in other words DeHedge isn't going to promise huge production to insurers then fail to pay out when an event takes place this is impossible due to the logic of the smart contract it's impossible for liabilities to exceed the coverage.
The entire system revolves around DeHedge unique scoring model that scoring model was developed in collaboration with a world-class consulting firm explains the official website full details about the scoring model can be viewed in DeHedge white paper and the system involves using proprietary software to process two types of information including automatic collection and analysis of publicly available data as well as manual data adjustments where necessary.
Some of the data analyzed by DeHedge and gene includes the project white paper project web page team information social activity github and response Atari activity blog articles news and posts and popular online forums token emission volume token price during ICO Post ICO token codes the number of investors the amount of money being raised the trading volume and the number of bidders.
DeHedge takes all of this information into consideration then uses machine learning algorithms to assign projects to certain categories and domains the end result is that you can browse DeHedge platform to view insurance prices for various icos you might see one ICO listed on the platform with a 350 day insurance coverage package available that package is priced at fourteen DHT.
Meanwhile a shorter term 15 day insurance package for another ICO is priced at two DHT you buy one of these insurance packages then receive protection in the event of a price drop if the price of the token drops then DeHedge will send a rate falling modest to your address if the price drops below a certain point then you can claim your insurance in which case you send your tokens to the hedge and they'll pay BTC or ETH from their insurance reserve, if you're confident the price will come back up then you can also waive your insurance claim.
DeHedge benefits over all the edge aims to deliver benefits to ICO investors crypto currency traders institutional investors and blockchain start-ups ICO investors are guarantee the safety of their investments cryptocurrency traders can access protection against exchange rate volatility institutional investors can retain profitability and attract new investors by guaranteeing greater levels of protection than other funds ICO projects can attract investors and project or protect against post listing pump and dump schemes ICO trading venues help to attract large investments in a project crypto exchanges in short transactions between clients crypto wallets can ensure customer funds against hacks and protect their customers mining farm-in vendors can access protection against exchange rate volatility.
As you can see DeHedge aims to deliver major benefits to all members of the cryptocurrency community from individual investors to the supply-side companies can provide additional production to their customers while individual investors can purchase protection for themselves so basically DeHedge provides a unique level of production to the crypto industry and you can purchase insurance packages through the platform the enjoy protection against price drops exchange rate fluctuations and not an expected events the hedge system is based on smart contracts that pay out automatically when certain conditions are met and to learn more about the hedge visit online today at DeHedge.com the edge will launch the metal version of its platform in February or March 2018 with the full platform launching my late March.
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