Why the Moon Can Appear in the daytime?

Every morning in about a week ahead, we can see the Moon was still high from the Western horizon. Many people are surprised to see the Moon in the morning and during the day, probably including you, but in fact, this is a normal event.

A very common misconception in astronomy is, assume the Moon is directly opposite the Sun in the sky, so assume the sun appeared during the day and Month must appear in the evenings only. In fact, the position of the Moon across the Sun occurs only one day each month of the Islamic calendar.

The position of the Moon across the Sun marks the phase of the full moon when the Moon is located 180 degrees from the position of the Sun in the sky of the Earth. In addition to the phase of the Moon, the positions of the moon can be anywhere from 0 to 180 degrees from the Sun. So it can be seen in the sky in the morning and the afternoon.

Two things that make the moon can be seen in the daytime is, first, the Moon is bright enough so that the light can penetrate the scattered blue light from the sky. Second, the Moon lies at a high enough position in the sky, usually toward the full moon phase and after the full moon.

Due to the rotation of the Earth, the moon will always be visible approximately 12 hours per 24 hours on Earth. And the difference in periods of sidereal Moon Month causing nodes and looked in the celestial sphere moving towards the East an average of 13 degrees daily. Currently, the Sun is also moving towards the East average 1 degree every day.

As a result, the moon will appear to be moving eastward from the Sun is 12 degrees per day. The angle is equivalent to approximately 50 minutes. That is why the moon appears to rise too late about 50 minutes each day.

At some phase of full moon, the Moon usually rises at 19:00 or 20:00 Your area (local time), and because the Moon always looks approximately 12 hours in a day, then the next day at 07:00 or 08:00 the local time of the month is still not set.

Well, that's what makes the moon can be seen in the daytime. So don't get misunderstood again yes, or even assume the Moon that appears during the day is a sign of the Apocalypse.

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