eBitcoinGold | erc20 store of value

The eBTG token is here! …excited? interested at least?… no?
Then please give me a moment to explain our token. It may be more than you believe…
What is eBTG?
eBitcoinGold (eBTG) is a new ERC20 token on the Ethereum network.
The rush is on!
eBTC providing a counterpart to Bitcoin on the Ethereum blockchain has led to a flurry of activity, as many seize the opportunity to provide Ethereum based alternatives to non-ERC20 tokens. Indeed, the infighting between the various Ethereum versions of Litecoin has provided some early entertainment in the space. The eBTC concept has provided an opportunity for some of these coins to build lasting communities. However, most will fade away as quickly as they were created.
What makes eBTG different?
We know that the winners in the crypto space are those tokens, or coins, which build the strongest communities. The entire focus of this project is to create a vibrant community that engages with each other through the unifying platform, eBTG. The value of the token will be in the hands of the community. Our team is here to facilitate the growth and awareness of the eBTG community.

eBTG | Bitcoingold on the Ethereum blockchain

Why use the eBitcoinGold moniker?
We see the core function of Bitcoin as a store of value rather than a fast, lightweight payment currency. This can change on the Ethereum network but we are drawn to this concept. The idea of using the eBitcoinGold name came to us as it aligns with this store of value function. The upcoming Bitcoin hard-forks should help bring eyes to the project. However, we see eBitcoinGold as its’ own entity with a strong core brand of its’ own.
Token allocation and distribution
There are 21,000,000 eBTG tokens in total. Our smart contract, which you can freely audit, guarantees this will never increase. Registration for the airdrops of our tokens will be open from Friday 13th of October via our website at https://eBTG.tech (we ain’t superstitious). Please find updates on our announcements through our telegram (https://t.me/eBTGChat) and other media channels. Links are below.
Our focus is on a fair distribution of tokens so that the founding block of this venture is laid with a strong community. This is not an ICO. This is not an investment. The tokens are freely distributed to those who want them. We are using the eBTG token as a community building vehicle.
The future of eBTG
The further technical development of the token will be taken after launch. One of the most sought-after developments among the team is adding a security layer to provide an anonymity aspect to the eBTG token but this is very much at the early stages of discussion.
We want the eBTG token to be available on a number of platforms and we are working towards this end. Announcements will follow when appropriate to do so. Our Telegram channels, listed below, are a great way to stay up to date.
Before you go…
As a community we are in our infancy. You have an opportunity to get in at the ground floor and personally grow the value of the eBTG community by firstly, taking part in the airdrops and secondly, participating in the growth of this project through its’ social media platforms. You can make the value to this community.
I would encourage anyone who has read this far to apply for the airdrop from Friday the 13th October, details found on our Telegram channels, and give a little of your time to add your personal value to this project. We are at the beginning of the journey. Other trains have left the station years ago. Ours is just boarding. We welcome you to join us!
Social Media links:
Official Website: https://eBTG.tech
Telegram: eBTG Announcement Channel: https://t.me/eBTGAnn
eBTG Chat Channel: https://t.me/eBTGChat
Twitter: https://twitter.com/eBTGofficial

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