This Math Got 2 Answers Correct

A math problem recently sparked a hot debate on the Internet. The cause, a matter that has two possible answers.

And two possibilities that gave birth to the two camps of supporters. Each stronghold desperately defend their opinions.

But, if the second answer could find it, then you are including the elite. This is because only 1 out of 1,000 people that ever worked on about that which can do it.

Math problem created by and posted on Wikr that ask you to find the correct answers to the two questions below.

This Math Got 2 Answers Correct

The manufacturer of the problem providing tips to those who feel challenged.

"First, thinking differently from everyone else! This math problem is not as simple as that. Although usually there is only one correct answer, two answers had led to fierce debate around the world, "wrote

Many who try to give an answer, but not the least. then gave the correct answer key.

First Answer

"All surely agree that 1 + 4 = 5. To answer this question it takes the trick.

"When moving to the next line, you find 2 + 5. Add to that equation with 5 results obtained in the first line, then the answer is 12.

"In the following lines, you find the same problem. Add the results of the equation with 12 in the previous row. Then you guys get the number 21.

"Lastly, 8 11 plus results 19. Add that with the previous number 19, 21, then you get 40.

"Many consider the number 40 as the correct answer. But there are other correct answers. See the next page. "

The answer to both

If it can answer with a slightly different way, you can calculate the equation differently anyway.

You could multiply the first number by the second number when you add it.

E.g. 1 + 4 = 5, but can be calculated by means of 1 + (1x4).

In the second line, 2 + (2x5) = 12. So did with 3 + (3x6) = 21.

When it comes to the fourth equation, you add 8 (8 x 11). But, you'll get answers to 96.

So, where are the answers to you right?

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