The strangest thing was found Frozen in ICE

The world is pretty awesome. Even in our modern times, is full of hidden secrets, such as the underground city, and has also brimming with terrain that is very quiet and dimly that we haven't invaded. And it turns out there is also a place where the world has gobbled up some of the things that are completely amazing and bizarre, but thanks to global warming, we rediscover many things. However there are better left buried, here are a few weird things that were found Frozen in ice.

A mountain with a height of 10,000 Feet
Look at the layers of ice covering most of Antarctica and you might assume that Antarctica is pretty cool, very boring, and it's all flat. But buried beneath the ice that boring that there are mountains, Probably all of you consider this mediocre but this huge mountain isn't unusual a mountain covered by a layer of ice.

Scientists have known about the Gamburtsev Mountains for about 50 years. Because the Eastern buried under about one mile of ice, it is not surprising if we did not know about it too. According to LiveScience, recent advances in imaging technology have allowed us to peek under ice, and surprise when scientists discovered a series of mountains with peaks up to 10,000 feet.

In the 2000s, researchers spent a lot of time flying above the range, covering a mile with 74,500 radar penetrates the soil, collecting data and mapping of the mountain. They say that the distance is somewhat similar to the Alps, and they also detect a magnetic anomaly suggests that this may be the hidden mountains are made of coral rock billions of years old that was taken to the rugged peaks of between 250 and 100 million years ago. For context, that's when dinosaurs still are top animal on the planet, and it also gives us hope that the world still has some exciting surprises for us.

A 25 million-year-old Lake is full of life
Less than 600 miles to the freezing point at the South Pole, scientists found Russia Lake vostok in Antarctica they said has managed drill Lake, a mysterious water puddle that covered two miles under the polar ice cap.

They have been trying to achieve over the past two decades. The results of the discovery, they said, could provide important clues about the history of the Earth, and possibly other worlds as well.

Millions of locusts

There is nothing more amazing than the beauty of the glacier, you guys don't know a glacier? try searching on google. We'll talk about one in Montana, and if you know the history of the Central Western United States, you'll know that grasshoppers have a tendency to destroy a lot of things there. They are also damaging the glacier as a whole.

This is called the Grasshopper Glaciers, and it is because of the glacier along a half mile outside of Cooke City filled with millions of locusts. According to the Tourism Office of Montana, a locust years 1914 specimen analysis confirmed that they included in the extinct species for about 200 years. They are pretty sure the herd Naas has gone through the mountains when they were caught in a Blizzard. They died and then frozen in Glacier many years until a Blizzard. Grasshopper Glacier is not the only place in the Beartooth Mountains you can see where a lot of grasshoppers froze. There's also the Hopper Glacier.

The Entire Battlefield Of World War I
The war is the very thing that cannot be denied, and every so often, something happens to make it worse. Started in the 1990 's, global warming is starting to melt the glaciers around the town of Peio in Northern Italy. Artifacts from the previous decade is starting to melt and the finding of love letters, diary, and finally the corpses of soldiers killed fighting at the battle of the White World I.

According to The Telegraph, more people died from extreme cold and avalanches than battle. Thousands of men--many of them teenagers were killed in the mountains, and their bodies were never recovered. Until then, global warming is starting to show the bodies of mummies. As melting continue, more bodies were found. In 2004, a local mountain guide Hapsburg soldiers found three on the slopes of the mountain. Even historians find the whole cabin is preserved under ice, complete with boxes of ammunition, armor, helmet, and clothing left behind by people who fought in the war. Things like the half-dismantled machines have been found, along with personal items such as photographs, newspaper clippings, and trench art pieces. Some of the corpses have even been identified.

Otzi the Iceman
Otzi was found by two walkers who were off duty, and no matter what cool things happen to you on your vacation, you will never be able to tell their story, well it is obvious, ok we continue. Ötzi is a mummy (mummy) is the oldest ever found in Europe. Mummy older than 5 millennia is found accidentally by two mountain climbers, a pair of husband and wife from Nürnberg, Germany named Helmut and Erika Simon, on 19 September 1991. This Mummy found frozen in the glaciers on the border with Austria-Italy. Although the location of the discovery is in Italy, but at first a little Italy Italian authorities disputing parties when dealing with the discovery of the remains of the opinion as probably only bones "modern" man who had an accident or is probably the remains of soldier remains of the Napoleonic wars in two centuries ago. Italy then let the party disputing parties when Austria to deal with all things whatever the discovery of the remains. Austria party finally managed to evacuate indeed on these bodies to the city of Innsbruck, Austria where the remains were first identified.

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