The Horrible Ritual of the English Ancestors!

Prehistoric people United Kingdom are cannibals. They ate their dead relatives and carve out a cryptic sign in their bones.

According to paleontologist who has worked in Somerset, United Kingdom-dwellers who lived around 15,000 years ago, used to doing terrible ritual after the death of their family members.

The first time, this practice is identified on those of the Paleolithic or Old stone age, anywhere in the world.

 The Horrible Ritual of the English Ancestors!

Scientists from the Natural History Museum and the UCL see hundreds of pieces found in human and animal bones in the cave in Cheddar Gorge, Gough. One of the human bones that have been torn apart, difilet, chewed and no sign of zig-zag before finally broke in the bone marrow.

According to the researchers, the zig-zag wedge is undoubtedly a sign of carving. Made without purpose, but purely for artistic or symbolic representation.

They also speculated that the mark is a way to commemorate the deceased ' life story ' or how they died.

Silvia Bello, one of the researchers, said that similar to the engraved motif carvings found at other European archaeological sites.

"However, what is remarkable in that it is the choice of raw materials, namely human bones, and cannibalistic contexts in which the product is produced," he said.

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