The first World War: what is to be achieved by the allies?

Maybe you guys are wondering apasih to be achieved by the allies in the first world war?

The purpose of the war changed during the conflict taking place in response to the development of military and diplomatic pressure from the United States to make them clear as a basis to negotiate peace.

All countries have a territorial purpose: to evacuate people from Belgium, Germany to return Alsace-Lorraine to France, in order to get Italy Trentino, and so on. They also want to restore the defeated their allies, Serbia and Romania, ideally with extra areas.

United Kingdom and France want demolishing Germany's military capabilities, both as revenge and as insurance against a second conflict. They also want to carve up the Ottoman Empire between them, and to let the component parts of the Austro-Hungarian Empire founded the independent countries.

The US President Wilson also hopes to build world peace through the League of Nations, which was also the aim of the war the allies.

I think it is certainly the goal of the allies from the beginning, but once the war starts, isn't the primary purpose of war is to win the war?

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