Terrible secret under Antarctic ice, the Earth is threatened!

 During this time we see the Antarctic region is always covered with ice. The southern most region of the Earth that seems to sink into eternal winter.

But who would have thought, a recent discovery in the Antarctic seems to have reversed the facts?

After the break the giant iceberg, which is the largest of the four in the Antarctic, scientists discovered the largest volcano on Earth.

The volcano lies at a depth of two kilometers below the surface layer of ice that covered the West Antarctic.

Terrible secret under Antarctic ice, the Earth is threatened!

An unexpected surprise was found by researchers from Edinburgh University in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK.

The Impact When The Mountain Erupted

One expert on glaciers, Robert Bingham, mentions in his paper, if one of the volcanoes was erupting, then it can mess up the West Antarctic ice sheets.

This discovery is very important because the volcanic activity has some serious effects on the planet.

If it erupts, the ice melts and will surely result in a rise in sea levels.

Geologists also predict that West Antarctica would be the most affected by the volcano. The thing is, global warming has already begun in this area.

The Size Of The Mountain

The volcano has an elevation range from 100 meters up to 3,850 meters.

To find out the height of the mountain, researchers conducting the measurements using the ice-penetrating radar compared with records and databases.

The discovery of the volcano below the permafrost was initiated by Max Van Wyk de Vries, a student of Edinburgh University that encourages researchers to learn more about volcanoes under ice layers.

"As a young scientist, I am very excited to be learning about something new and that have not been well understood," said Max Van Wyk de Vries told Sky News.

"After examining the data that exists in the West Antarctic, I began to find traces of the volcano. Of course, I saw it even further, so it appears this discovery, "he added.

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