Why Mustaches Boruto and Himawari satellites only two?

Why Mustaches Boruto and Himawari satellites only two?

So here's the explanation Why Kushina had no whiskers at all. I think if Kushina had a mustache definitely will reduce her beauty. But I'm sure that's not the answer you want.

From my analysis, Kushina didn't have a mustache because she became a Jinchuriki at the age of 10 years. So, Kyuubi no physical characteristics can affect physical Kushina.

While Naruto, it's likely got a mustache though not yet a Jinchuriki as he develops in the body along with Kushina Kurama. So the Kyuubi chakra blends with the baby in the womb Kushina then.

It also applies with Ginkaku and the Kinkaku. If Naruto was in the stomach along with Kurama, Ginkaku, and Kinkaku even being in the belly of the Kurama. Over there they eat the flesh of the
Kyuubi. So when out of chakra they have fused with the Kyuubi chakra.

Then mustache Boruto and Himawari satellites there are only two because the mother was not the Jinchuriki. He did not have a relationship directly with Kurama.

They have 2 mustaches just because his father's genes have a mustache. There is no relation with Kurama. If you guys learn Biology certainly understand logically. Naruto and Hinata have a mustache who do not have whiskers descendants ensured the blend between the two. Yapp. that's why Boruto and Himawari satellites there are only 2 whiskers.

So here are the conclusion guys, it's not easy Kurama mustache effect a physical human. Not all ever direct and indirect contact with chakra Kurama will surely have a mustache. If so, the shinobi who got the chakra Naruto world war Ninja 4 have certainly had a mustache at all.

There are only certain conditions where the human chakras and chakra Kurama really fused physical than a shinobi could be affected. That's my analysis of the turtles.

If your opinion, how about guys? Write the comments you guys below.

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