What's Your Choice: Japanese Drama VS Korean Drama?

The drama of Japan and Korea are two of Asia's most sought after drama. But what makes them so different?
Many people argue about which is better, J-Drama or K-Drama? Well, I can't please everyone and I are not in the right position to pass judgment because I love both. However, I will simply declare what the typical points of both. Also, keep in mind that this should not be a problem between them and I do not intend to start a "war of a discussion".
What's Your Choice: Japanese Drama VS Korean Drama?

In Terms Of Genre

Drama Korea has more Romance in it. Although they do offer a lot of genres, it appears that almost all of their drama, there will be a little romance. K-drama is nice in the genre of drama. If romance and drama are what you seek, then the K-drama is for you.

While in Japan, most of the drama of his work is based on a manga. It has a lightweight material and comedy.

J-drama, unlike K-drama, does not usually include the romance genre except for romance. The most common genre is a crime/mystery/detective because J-drama knew for this issue. On the other hand, j.-K-drama and drama alike rely on reality. When you watch some of their drama, you'll start to think that this is not a very realistic idea but certainly not impossible.


Korea actor says that they are a much better actor than Japan because of their practice over the years. Well, we can't really argue about it but there are also many exceptions. Plus, Korea actor should always perform well in front of the camera.

Japan actors, on the contrary, some are not trained in years. Even so, their acting is not at all that bad and most of the perpetrators of the J-Drama there is no denying they are very good. The actors and their appearance look more attractive because the actors don't mind making ugly face looks funny.


As said before, K-drama is more in the realm of romance. Most of the genres they are accompanied with romance. For example, in the medical drama, two main characters will fall in love while in the hospital. K-drama focuses on the romantic aspect of the story line. Moral K-dramas can be realized and reflected on the end of the story because the K-drama full of unexpected developments can be seen in the next episode. However, the twists and turns of K-drama that's undeniably cool and flawless.

As for the J-drama, this is outside my comfort zone K-drama drama. If the story is centered on a mystery then all the story was going to be a mystery. The people of Japan focused on the primary thought of the story. They can defend the dramatics of to take place without introducing another genre. Also, as I've read in most entries, plays a really unpredictable and have the bends and twists. It also has a moral story that will really hit you right in the heart. Each episode will leave tremendous lessons about life, family, youth, and friendship. In terms of storyline, there are actually several major similarities because of the other K-drama is the drama adaptation of J-drama.

Duration (Episode/Season)

What's Your Choice: Japanese Drama VS Korean Drama?

K-drama is actually longer than the J-drama. That's because K-dramas like to slow down the conflicts that sometimes give rise to long and boring episode too cliché (no offense, just stating the obvious). Regular length episodes they are 20 + episodes. The duration of the longest drama I've watched 16 episodes, which is in the J-drama was thought was long. Each episode in 48 minutes to 1 hour. This really will make you wake up until morning if you insist on watching it in one shot.

J-drama, like people, said it was a short series. Well, it's because of the J-drama straight to the bottom line. Each episode lasts 30 minutes to an hour. J-drama each season at least consisting of 8 episodes.

J-drama is the shortest I've ever witnessed. But mostly it is 10 to 12 episodes in each season and leaves you wanting more.

Drama Korea Drama and Japan are two of the most Asian drama watchable.

J-drama or the fans of K-drama, I'm sure if you love Korean Drama surely you also love the Japanese drama as well as vice versa.

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