What is a Crash Solution Due to Increasing Number of Persons?

The more the increase of the number of people in a limited area also means increasing congestion increases so also pollution, dwindling green space, increasing noise, and more time wasted due to being in the middle of traffic congestion.

This condition is also of concern to the central device manufacturer Bosch to become the service provider of mobility for urban areas and others.

Looking ahead, the company claimed to be more focus on the development and provision of mobility solutions in smart cities are connected.

Demand for smart mobility concept for urban environment is increasing rapidly around the world.

Major cities around the world have been very solid. In many places the total congestion threat emerged. More and more people return to the city, or will stay there in the future.

By 2050, there will be more than six billion people who live in big cities, two times more than now. At that time, urban traffic will have increased three fold.

With about two-thirds of the global population live in urban areas are connected to the Centre (Central), plus the growth of urbanization, the more problems will arise.

"With technology solutions, Bosch wants to help improve the quality of life in large cities and conurbations. The primary means for this purpose is free mobility emissions, stress free, and free of accidents, "said Dr. Rolf Bulander, Member of the Board of management of Robert Bosch GmbH and head of sector of Business Mobility Solutions.

In the context of business, smart city is an area of growth for the provider of technology and services. In the period up to 2020, the smart city market will grow by 19 percent annually, reaching a volume of 700 billion euros.

In some projects as cross-selling, Bosch has double the sales in this sector over the past two years.