What is a Asgardia, the State Space of interest a lot of people!

State space, Asgardia, now being discussed publicly. The reason, though the extent of the new concept, it was a lot of people who sign up as a candidate Asgardian--a nickname for the inhabitants of Asgardia.

However, not many know who exactly the figure who articulated the country Asgardia. Quoted from the official website Asgardia, Friday (28/7/2017), the country's founder is Igor Ashurbeyli, a scientist at the same time Russia-born businessman.
What is a Asgardia, the State Space of interest a lot of people!
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Ashurbeyli is known as one of the top brass of Socium, a software and consulting company founded in 1988. For a long time, he was known as someone who is interested in a number of space exploration program.

In 2010, he managed to get the highest honorary title that can be obtained from the Government of Russia's scientists. After that, he was awarded the gold medal from UNESCO for his contribution to the development of nanoscience and nanotechnology.

Ashurbeyli first unveils a project Asgardia in October 2016. Following the announcement, in the early, Asgardia officially opened registration as the candidate for the inhabitants of the country.

"Physically, the citizen (Asgardia) will be on the Earth and they live in different countries. On the other hand, they will also become citizens of Asgardia, "he said when first uncovering the project Asgardia.

He plans to ask Asgardia to be recognized as a State to the United Nations after reaching 100,000 subscribers. At that time, he strongly believes, as soon as the Asgardia became part of the United Nations, the State of nationality would be very prestigious.

Such a plan can be said to have meaning beyond expectations. So far, the Asgardia have been verifying more than 200 thousands of would-be citizens, who come from more than 200 countries.

For those who were recruited as citizens, they would have pocketed a certificate Asgardia and officially became the Asgardian, but still, have the status of dual-citizenship.

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