Tips and Tricks Facebook is Hidden

When noticed friends access a Facebook account and also talked to several relationships on Facebook, the author realized that not many people took the time to reply to find out or even dabble with the Facebook settings such as the regular writer did.

I finally decided to write an article "Facebook tips and tricks" that I have found so far. There may be some readers who have yet to figure it out and can be useful.

A collection of secret Tips and tricks on Facebook:

1. Tips Cleaning Facebook News Feed

If you are like me, definitely hate and love irritated if News Feed Facebook full of junk activity all your friends while playing games on facebook. Understand dong intent.

I'm no bad sight to people who play the game, I'm sure they love to play it, but we also don't want our Facebook page is filled with games and the resulting notification we cannot see the status updates of friends or activities in the middle of the mess (trash) are scattered about.

Do I simply move the cursor of the mouse on a post on the Facebook website, a Tab will appear in the upper right corner. Click Hide and will appear options: (1) Hide those makers post or (2) Hide the application. I usually choose to hide the application.
If changed his mind and decided it would like to see more posts from the application, simply click the Edit Option in the bottom right corner of the news feeds in the most, select the desired application and then click the add to news is news.

2. Trick Shows information and contact Data on certain people on Facebook

When you first create a Facebook, you simply to add friends and family only, so you fill in all the details tab on the Personal Info (address, phone number, mobile phone, etc.)

But later in the day, you started getting friend requests from online friends, friends of your friends or even strangers, and then realize that you do not want to display your personal contact information to people.

We can customize the privacy settings on Facebook for any of your contact information. So not all Facebook friends can see our Personal Info.

How to limit the information that appears on the Facebook account:
  • Open the profile page chronology of the text, and then click "about" under the profile picture & Info
  • After that click the button Edit on the info you need to hide
  • Specify what information can be viewed by selecting the button beside the info (public, friends Only, or can I make exceptions with Special options)
  • Click "Save" to confirm the changes.
3. The trick is seen Online on Facebook Chat only to certain friends

There are times when we don't want to look is online on FB only to most facebook friends, thus avoiding the chat messages sent by people who are not so well known, or do not want to be disturbed while being busy chatting with friends or a girlfriend.

The following ways will make the chat status remain visible online at Facebook and chat with the person we want to without any risk was considered arrogant for not replying to chat with people we don't know.

Tips make the status appear online to your friends we choose on Facebook:
  • Select Menu Account > Edit Friends
  • On the left select all connections
  • And then click Create a new list, please enter the name of the list that we create and select the ones that are included in the list. Click Create List.
  • You can also step in making a list of friends and directly follow the next step.
  • After the list is completed click the options button under the list of chat (the gear), select Advanced settings ... that will make Advanced Chat Settings options open.
  • Click the radio button labeled turn on chat just for some friends, and then type the name or the list of friends wants to be blocked.
After applying the above you will not be bothered anymore from persons not too you know, or will not be noticed by the boss when you're Online on Facebook.

4. Tips to block people on Facebook

There are times when we want to block people from Facebook us for various reasons (enemies, ex-girlfriend, a debt collector or :P).

Inside Facebook, there is a feature to block people so that we block will not get to see our profile, send us a message, add us. The term facebook account we have swallowed up the Earth, from the people we block.

How to block people on Facebook are still using options such as point No. 2 above.

Sign in to your account and select privacy settings > block list. Enter the name or Email address of such poor people and press block. To remove from the block list, select the remove existing on the name/email that person.

5. Photo Privacy Settings & Update status could not be changed to public (Public Settings is missing)

Facebook posts such as photos, status, the profile could not be changed to the public (visible to everyone) because FB users who are still aged under 18 years.

FB policy mentions: (

If you are under 18 years old, know that people can only see content that you set it to be "public" If that person's friends, friends of friends, or members of the same network with you. This exception is always public, information including your name, profile picture, gender, and your network.

To solve the problem above, then you have to markup age by changing the year of birth on the facebook profile being aged 19 years and above.

6. Address the Facebook profile is invisible or visible only blank page

Some Facebook users sometimes experience errors on Facebook like chronology profile page could not be opened, some elements are missing or just looks empty (blank) page.

When experiencing things over when a profile you can see; then please report the problem to Facebook by visiting and filling out the description of the problem as well as upload screenshots (pictures).

7. How to Unfriend/delete FB friends that his account was already off (deactivated)

– Open friends list, then locate all your friends who don't have a profile picture (this is one of the signs that an account already FBnya disabled).
– Click the person's name and the notification box appears as follows:
Inactive Account. This account has been deactivated. Only you can see xyz on your friend's list. You have the option to unfriend xyz.
– Don't click OK, but click the text (the friend) Unfriend/remove friendship with .... to those friends delete.