This Is The Reason Why We Have Not Found The Existence Of Aliens

in our Milky Way Galaxy, the planet has a rare sign of active life other than Earth.

This Is The Reason Why We Have Not Found The Existence Of Aliens

The Milky Way Galaxy is home to 100 to 400 billion stars. Each star potentially deorbit by planets. At least, there are two galaxies as Galaxies trillions of ours which can be observed in the universe.

Each of them is inhabited by trillions of planets orbiting hundreds of billions of stars. With billions of stars in our Galaxy, intelligent extraterrestrial civilizations should be found.

According to the comparison of Business Insider, if only 0.1 percent of planets in our Galaxy are probably worth hold life, that means there are about one million planets with life on it.

These figures are encouraging, the Nobel Laureate physicist Enrico Fermi, to ask about alien life forms.

"Where are they?" "Why there are no other signs of life are ' visiting ' to Earth?". This question came to be known as the Fermi paradox.

According to the paradox, there are three types of civilization in the universe: the civilization I (who tend to spend the resources of the planet), Civilization II (which reap energy from their parent star), and Civilization III (which reap energy from their entire Galaxy).

The paradox is then answered through hypothesis "the Great Filter". The hypothesis says that is not possible if there are three such civilizations in the universe. Even if there is, it is very difficult.

Because, before a civilization into the civilization that is more "intelligent", they must be escaped past the "the Great Filter". Meanwhile, only a handful of civilizations that can bypass these limits.

In addition, there is some logical reason that can answer the Fermi paradox. Perhaps, civilization has advanced ever came to Earth, but the ancient humans did not document them in the historical record.

The Earth is also considered as an isolated planet in the Milky Way Galaxy belongs to the human civilization and I are primitive. It seems like the more advanced civilizations (Civilization II and III) are reluctant to visit.

There is a particular moment of transition from the evolutionary perspective that any planets like ours should be able to step further before communicating with other worlds. In this case, we might find "the Great Filter" in our evolution.

On the other hand, climate change will slowly destroy life on Earth. The climate is very stable in the last year and 12,000 will be crushed by the development of human civilization and industrialization. It can lead to "extinct" his life on Earth, following the extinct civilization.

David Wallace-Wells writes in the New York Magazine: "the universe is billions of years old, with a star system separated by space and time, civilization can emerge and develop, as well as meet each other. Mass extinctions that now we are living has just begun and will be even more in the future. "

Other scientists have an answer that is more pathetic against the Fermi paradox.

Neurological experts Oxford, Anders Sandberg; Member of the Astronomical Observatory of Belgrade, Milan Cirkovic; and an expert on Artificial Intelligence (AI), Stuart Armstrong, said that aliens are not extinct. They are in a State of hibernation, waiting for the universe to cool down.

Professor Zaza Osmanov from the Free University of Tbilisi believe that we will search for signs of alien megastructures has not been appreciated. It is because we are only focusing on the star, and not noticing the pulsars — neutron stars rotating rapidly and emit strong radio waves.

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