These strange animals Have Mouths that doubles as the Anus

Weird worm-shaped head with a mallet has a hole in the lower part of the body that serves as a mouth anus at the same time.
These strange animals Have Mouths that doubles as the Anus
(Danish Ho via National Geographic
A strange animal with a unique head shaped like a hammerhead is found in the mountains of Malaysia and successfully recorded in the video. According to experts, the possibility of the animal species that have not been identified from the genus Bipalium, better known as the hammerhead head worms.

Not only the appearance of a strange body, organ function hammerhead head worm is also somewhat unusual. The animal has a hole in the lower part of the body that serves as a mouth anus at the same time.

"When this is about to eat a worm, pits multi purpose they unfurled like layered sheets of pharyngeal glands placed upon its prey, typically earthworms," said Peter Ducey, a biologist at the State University of New York at Cortland.

The sheets are pulled out enzymes that can ' melt ' prey so they can suck the meat that has been soft. Wide head such as the hammerhead was most likely equipped with sensory organs to find chemical traces of prey or mate.

Intestinal branch they spread throughout the body to spread nutrients because the worm does not have a circulatory system. A day after the meal, the worm that will issue the same channels through the dirt to eat.

The uniqueness of this worm does not stop until there. Because all species of Bipalium is a hermaphrodite, they proliferate in ways that are more flexible.

Several species of exchanging sperm through internal fertilization and then lay their eggs in or on the ground. In addition, many of which reproduce asexually by fragmentation.

"They unleash their body parts when a DAB of creep on the ground, and then the pieces will regenerate all parts of the body that are necessary ... and voila, be a new worm," explained Ducey.

He added some worms can even develop a second method of reproduction.

Another question that arises about these unique animals is: do they have eyes?

Ducey says, worm type of Bipalium have the similar organ of the eye around the outer edges of the head of their length, but less known how the organ was functioning.

"They might be able to see the light or dark, but the possibility could not be viewed from the picture," he added.

In addition, because his head is too soggy to be used as excavators, worms head mallet it will occupy the holes created by other animals.

The dangerous worm?

There are about 100 species of Hammerhead's head worm, whose size varies from a few inches to the foot, and can have patterns as well as colors. Although there is much scientific literature about the genus, many species that have not been classified.

Some of the worms head hammerhead to become invasive species outside of Asia. "Bipalium defense has spread worldwide among plants in a pot," said Mary Wicksten, biologists at Texas A&M University.

Hammerhead's head worm contains toxins similar to Tetraodontidae and can be harmful if eaten. Because there are still many species that have not been identified, experts advise avoiding direct contact if you happen to come across this worm.

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