The world's first Laser Weapons ready for action

Although the sound of fiction, the world's first laser is completely functional and can shoot with high accuracy. Referred to as the Laser Weapons System (LaWS), these weapons are being deployed in USS Ponce amphibious ships in the Persian Gulf.

"The workings of LaWS similar to the laser pointer. There is room in it with special materials which release photons, "said Lieutenant Cale Hughes, an officer LaWS, told CNN.

To create this weapon, the United States Government disbursed the funds of up to 40 million u.s. dollars or about Rp 532 billion. The weapon also should be operated by three people at once and requires power plants to use.

The world's first Laser Weapons ready for action

So, what is the advantage?

Hughes said that although initially expensive, every shot of LaWS costs only 1 u.s. a dollar or approximately USD 13,000.

Then, in contrast to conventional weapons, laser light LaWS do not read at all and cannot be seen with the naked eye. He gave up a laser also moves with the speed of light, i.e. approximately 300,000 kilometers per second or 50,000 times faster than transcontinental missiles are being tested by North Korea.

Inez Kelly, the science adviser for the US Naval Forces Central Command, said, besides crippling threats in the air, LaWS can also shoot and off objects in the water accurately when heated to hundreds of degrees Celsius. Thus, the battle could be a little more.

"For example, if the laser is directed to enemy ships, officers can turn off his machine without damaging his ship. This kind of precision will not you can get from a conventional weapon that usually results in more damage, "he said.

However, the LaWS would not be used to attack human beings directly. This is as set forth in the Covenant of the Geneva Conventions and the two star, Rear Admiral Matthew Klunder, who is also Chairman of the Navy research ensure in a press conference in 2014 that the United States would observe the agreement.

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