The Birth of ' The Devil ' Goat Scare City

La Voz
La Voz
A surprising picture about a baby goat that was born with the face of ' creepy ' that generated a lot of discussions.

Metro reports that the kid, who was born in the province of San Luis, Argentina, have prominent eyes and face. born on 19 July.

The owner was taken aback when seeing Gladys Oviedo animals die. "The rest of the baby is normal, there is only a deformation in the head. Unusual what happened, "he said, according to Metro.

Site of Argentina La Voz reported that local police, after hearing rumors about a disabled, went to investigate, where they found the kid holding the Oviedo

Unusual animals view always attract a lot of attention. A lobster New Hampshire, for example, was recently caught a rare blue lobster, later we will discuss in the next article.

Last month a woman in Virginia draws a Blue Crab with two oysters that grow on the shell from the waters of the Chesapeake Bay.

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