Suzuki Touring Motorcycle Prepare Cheap

Continuing the success of the bike Gixxer, whose first pitch in India, Suzuki is ready to launch GZ150 Cruiser at the end of this year.

Offered from Motorbeam, Tuesday 18 July 2017, though currently the central focus on the sale of Suzuki Hayate and Gixxer, yet they feel the need to bring the GZ150 to rival sales of Bajaj Avenger.

Cruiser motorcycle (touring) GZ150 comes with dimensions of the length of 2,250 millimeters (mm), a width of 900 mm and height 1,160 mm. made their handlebars higher and carrying the type of alloy rims.

Suzuki GZ150 Cruiser. (Motorbeam)
Suzuki GZ150 Cruiser. (Motorbeam)

This motor weighs only about 150 pounds so that the rider is believed to be able to maneuver with agile in urban areas and outside the city.

Provided with one engine cylinder capacity 149.5 cc, power generated reached GZ150 15.42 horsepower and torque 11.2 Newton meters. Power is transmitted to the rear wheels via a manual transmission five acceleration.

The front wheels measuring 18 inches, while the rear wheels are 16 inches. However, Suzuki's pin-sized wide tires on the rear wheels, so that the motor can be driven comfortably.

The position of the drive motor is also made to give priority to comfort, ranging from low to seat footrest that tends to exist in the front.

Reserved price, suspected of banderolnya will be in the range of 100 thousand Rupees, the price is relatively cheap.