Strange 'dome' and 'pyramid' spotted on Mars

Puzzling "arch" and "pyramid" structures have been spotted on the surface of Mars, as per outsider seekers.

The implied abnormalities on the surface of Mars were highlighted on the ArtAlienTV YouTube channel after they were spotted by a specialist filtering the surface of Mars with the Google Earth device.

"We have an unmistakable 50 foot arch or circle in a Mars Hole with vast channels leaving it on the left. Additionally a triangular pyramid molded structure around 500 feet far from it that is 120 ft wide," clarifies ArtAlienTV in a post going with the video. "These elements look fake in nature and are obviously noticeable on Google Mars without any improvements."

The territory where the "vault" and "pyramid" are situated between Mars' Oyama Hole and Mawrth Vallis, a valley on the planet that has been recognized as a conceivable landing site for the joint European Space Organization/Roscosmos ExoMars meanderer mission in 2020.

In the video ArtAlienTV says that a hefty portion of the potential vaults found on Mars have ended up being sand hills.

Components on the Red Planet's surface keep on being a wellspring of interest. Outsider seekers, for instance, as of late guaranteed that a puzzling 'stone circle' has been spotted on the surface of Mars.

Not long ago, it was likewise asserted that a picture taken by NASA's Mars Interest Wanderer demonstrates an old tree stump on the surface of the Red Planet.

In 2015, UFO seekers said they had recognized a strange lady like shape in a photo taken by the Interest Wanderer.