Species Of Giant Fish That Weigh Two Tonnes Were Found

Scientists need four years to find the species "boned fish" in the world.
Species Of Giant Fish That Weigh Two Tonnes Were Found
A new species of marine fish of the Sunfish (mola-mola) huge found after searching intensively, and making it the first species of this type of fish to be identified in 130 years.

The name Sun fish Sunfish is given because this fish is fond of sunbathing, by way of rising to the surface of sea water not too deep then.

Although the mola is the world's largest boned fish and weighs more than two tons, the fish mola is quite difficult to understand, which makes the search four years it becomes difficult.

A team of researchers led by Marianne Nyegaard, a PhD student at Murdoch University in Australia analyzed the DNA of more than 150 samples of fish mola and recognize four different species – however, there are only three species ever identified before.

This discovery causes Nyegaard believes that there are other species of fish mola haven't been documented yet, but he doesn't know what kind of shape is or where he is hiding.

The research team decided to call it a species of Mola Mola, or the hoodwinker tecta, derived from the Latin word tectus, meaning hidden. It was not until a year after this breakthrough, Nyegaard can see fish mola hoodwinker closely.

Species Of Giant Fish That Weigh Two Tonnes Were Found
In the year 2014, he got the information from the New Zealand fisheries that there is four fish mola have been stranded on the beach in Christchurch, then he immediately headed there to see and prove it yourself.

Researchers from universities around the world and then collect data and analyze the specimens of the fish to prove that it was indeed a part of the new species and see, what is different from the other three species of fish mola.

According to a working group which published in the Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society, the fish mola has of adult body shape is more slender and not fluffy, lump, or snout, like other fish molas.

Since that discovery, Nyegaard and his team have discovered the location of the fish mola hoodwinker in New Zealand, off the coast of Tasmania, South Australia, South Africa, and the South of Chile. It shows that the range of species of fish mola may be in part that more cold in the southern hemisphere, Nyegaard in an article for The Conversation.

Shape the fish mola is great, allowing to maintain body temperature while diving into the sea in search of food. Size chic also helped him to quickly return to sea level in order to be exposed to the Sun to warm the body.

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