Smile emoticons found in 4,000 Year Old Pitcher

The pitcher dating from 1700 BC is pale white and has a small short neck, a small grip, and a wide body.
Smile emoticons found in 4,000 Year Old Pitcher
The pitcher dating from the year 1700 BC was found with a picture of smile emoticons. (University of Bologna)
News of the discovery was unexpected coming from archaeologists who conducted excavations at a site in southern Turkey. This time, it is not a horrible discovery like a tower of skulls, except sculpted smile emoticons on a 4,000 years old jugs.

Unique findings were obtained by a team of archaeologists from Turkey and Italy are exploring the location of Turkey-Syria border. This location was once a city of Carchemish, an ancient city inhabited by the Hittites.

The jug comes from years 1700 b.c. the pale white, and have a small short neck, small hands, and body width. When found, the pitcher was in the cemetery. According to the researchers, the jug function used for drinking sweet sherbet that if Indonesia in other herbs.

Anadolou news agency reported Turkey, smiles in the jug does not casually discover by archaeologists. The new smile appeared after the pitcher was taken to the laboratory for restoration work.

"Smiling faces that no doubt exists on the jug and do not have in common with other ancient ceramic art in the area," said the leader of the excavation of Dr. Nicolo Marchetti Of the University of Bologna to the Independent July 19, 2017.

In addition to the pitcher, the team of archaeologists also found some artifacts that are used for storing food and beverages.

During the last seven years, as many as 25 experts have been working on a site that has a long history of it. The first excavations were carried out by "Lawrence of Arabia" or Colonel TE Lawrence between 1911 and 1914.

The Ministry of culture and tourism of Turkey says the site will be opened to the public as an open-air museum. Jug smile will also be on display at the Archaeological Museum of Gaziantep, near the site of the excavation.

You need to know, the Hittites settled in Anatolia or Asia minor. They have an empire stretching from modern Greece and Egypt, across Turkey to Syria. The Hittite civilization and then collapse into a smaller State during the bronze age and the new empire surrendered in Ayur about 1,178 BCE.

Meanwhile, Carchemish was the site of the battle between biblical Egypt and Assyria are allied with Babylon, Media, Persia, and Scythia. The war is believed to occur in 605 BCE.

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