Russia Launches Brightest Satellite in the sky

If you look up this evening, you may see a new light in the sky. Russia's new satellite named Mayak which means "Lighthouse" has been launched into orbit. Wear a reflective surface that Mayak made it a bright objects in the night sky, after months.

Russia Launches Brightest Satellite in the sky

Mayak is a small cube, measures only a few inches away. Contains a large reflective membrane stretched in the shape of a pyramid almost 10 feet on each side. It catches the sunlight and sends it to the Earth, making the Mayak as one of the brightest objects in orbit.

Part of the Mission of the Mayak is testing a new way to measure the brightness of the satellite. The other part is to test a new method to slow down the satellite to re-enter. If the braking system is successful, it could allow the satellite back into the atmosphere more easily, potentially reducing clutter in orbit.

If you would like to see this brightest satellite in the sky, you have to move fast. Mayak team has released the Android and iPhone applications coming soon will be able to track the position of the satellite, but if you can't speak the language of Russia, it may be difficult to use. Instead, you can use a different satellite tracking program to find it.

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