Japan will Employ Robots in the Train Station

Illustration of a robot that would be employed in Japan Government railway stationto help travelers.
The Government of Japan seems to understand the difficulties of tourists visiting his country's epoch. The language became one of the obstacles for tourists when they visit Japan.

Security and comfort for a vacation pushed Japan Government increased the number of robots to help travellers while at the train station.

Railway companies East Japan Railways (JR East) on Sunday (9/7) and then announced it would develop a special train station with the robot as its primary workforce. JRE Robotics Station-a subsidiary of the Japan Railways designing robots that help focus the diverse needs of travelers.

One of them is a robot that helps travelers understand the ins and outs train station and travel on schedule.

Meanwhile, other robots are also prepared to help bring suitcases of tourists. This robot is primarily to assist travelers with disability conditions, the difficulty of carrying heavy loads.

More interestingly, the robots also are programmed to understand the wide variety of languages to accommodate the tourists who do not understand the language of Japan.

While other robot is also prepared to maintain the cleanliness of the station.

Not quite up there, a robot security guards also provided the ability to detect crimes to pencopetan action.

Citing CNet, JRE Robotic Station so far has not announced when the robotic will wara-wiri train station in Japan. Remember, all of the robots still in development stage.