Forget About Mars, Humans Might Be Able To Live Here Someday

Not Mars, but the Titan, a moon of Saturn that might be the best place for human colonies. The Saturn's largest moon surprisingly like Earth, with a dense atmosphere that can protect the Earth's creatures are weak from the radiation.

The nomination of Titan as the neighborhood is nothing new, but a new analysis suggests that the Yellow Moon has a valuable energy source that can give us the resolution of the question.

Forget About Mars, Humans Might Be Able To Live Here Someday

According to scientist Amanda Hendrix and Yuk Yung, Titan is the optimal location in the solar system for human settlements outside the Earth. About 808 million miles away, the sustainability of the human species on Titan is the key.

Humans could make nuclear power with the use of radioactive decay which outnumbered there. Scientists say solar power can also be used as an alternative, though Titan almost 10 times farther from the Sun than Earth.

Titan's winds could also be exploited if humans learn to build a fairly strong turbine. Powerful waves created by Saturn's appeal could be made to source energy.

Titan can also use to be a haven for further exploration, the Lake was there enough methane can be mined to fuel the rocket.

Researchers acknowledge, however, that there are many things that are unknown, including the geology of Titan.

However, Mars may be more toxic than previously thought.

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