Drinking Water Can Be Deadly? This Is The Reason

Water is the most major needs after meals. The function of water is replacing the fluids drained while we work. Body fluids can be reduced through the tears, sweat, and urine. Not only a substitute fluid, water is also able to clean up the toxins in the organs is important, distribute it to cells of the body, as well as maintain the humidity of the body.

Behind all the benefits of that, water can also be bad for the body. As happened to Jennifer Strage in the past year 2009, she died after spending about 2 gallons of water or 7.6 liters of plain water. Indeed anything exaggeration can negatively affect. The following are some of the dangers that can lurk if you drink too much.

Drinking Water Can Be Deadly? This Is The Reason

1. The composition of the blood is broken

Note that blood has measured viscosity levels physiologically and plasma. If you miss a drink of water, then it was feared it could disrupt blood viscosity and can have an impact on the circulatory system.

2. Kidney disease

Liquid filtering done in the kidneys, it is located at the glomerulus. So the more liquid that goes in the body, then the heavy activity of the kidneys and can damage the system's work at the glomerulus which can cause some kidney disease.

3. Water Intoxication

The term Hyper hydration. It is a potential disturbance in brain function that occurs when the balance of electrolytes whereas disturbed because the excess water is consuming. This is experienced by Jennifer Strange. This can cause a coma even died.