Did You Know That Honey Revealed from Bees?

You all must have felt the sweetness of honey, but do you know? Bees have to laboriously to produce this super delicious liquid.

Let's find out together, how the hell how bees produce honey, for the honey results first of all bees have to look for nectar.

Nectar is a sugar-rich liquid, produced by flowers in bloom

Once the flower that produces the bee nectar will settle and begin to suck the nectar with its tongue, the Nectar sucked by the bees will be collected in the belly of the bee.

But the stomach is used to store nectar instead of stomach carelessly, the Bee itself has two kinds of stomach that one is used to digest food and a special one to cultivate nectar into honey.

Hence this special stomach is called as the stomach of honey, to fill the stomach of honey to bees full of must drink nectar from hundreds or even thousands of flowers.

When the honey is fully filled then the bees will return to the nest, Well on the way home this nectar is collected begin to be processed by enzymes that are in the stomach of honey

Once the bees arrive at the nectar nest that has been mixed with the enzyme it will be vomited and then the other bees will drink the vomit.

This process is repeated until the nectar turns into honey, the finished honey is then put into the storage cells in the nest.

The bees will then flick their wings over the cell to speed up evaporation and reduce the water content present in the honey. Once the moisture content in the honey reaches a low level the worker bees will close the storage cell with a waxy layer

And honey can also be stored as food reserves for the bees that are in the colony, Usually a bee colony produces more honey than the amount they need

This reserve of honey can then be taken by beekeepers to be bottled so that we can we enjoy the honey.