Browse for space station with Google Street View

One of the most amazing things that taste in life is to see space with a visit to the international space station ISS., But for most people, it is very difficult to materialize given only very few people are able to depart there.

A handful of people that are those who qualify for the test and the test of NASA and other space Agencies. Not just anyone can get there, usually, only people with higher education backgrounds are capable of as a biological Engineer, physicist, and chemist.

If we can know it the space station via Video-video share the crew (astronaut), now thanks to Google Street View, we can explore the main halls of the ISS and see what is in it.

Thanks to a collaboration between Google and NASA we now live Street View sharing only create exploration space station.

How does Street View work in the ISS?

Astronauts who served on the ISS collects pictures around the room for a while and then they burn some images together before submitting to Google team for ported finale in Street View.

Like other Street View Object, the ISS ever featured in panoramic view 360 degrees. So we could freely see here and there into the space station.

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