A World War II ship Contains Gold Worth 130 million dollars

SS Minden, Germany a cargo ship in the waters near Iceland in the early days of World War II, may contain a large Nazi gold.

Merchant vessels, which is 120 miles from the Sea South of Iceland, was in the international spotlight following the discovery of a coffin containing four tons of Nazi gold in the wrecks. The Golden Horde was worth 100 million pounds United Kingdom (about $130 million), according to news reports.

Company rescue the United Kingdom Advanced Marine Services (AMS) has reportedly requested permission from the Iceland authorities to cut holes in the hull and open the crate.

A spokesman for the Environment Agency of Iceland says that an application has been received. However, it may be several weeks before a decision is made as to whether permission will be granted, and if so, under which requirements. Updates may be issued next month, he added. As quoted from the page FoxNews.com on (7/27/2017).
A World War II ship Contains Gold Worth 130 million dollars
In April, Iceland Monitor reported that rescue ships, Seabed Constructor hired by AMS, directed to dock in Reykjavik after gaining the attention of the Coast Guard Iceland. The company's lawyer reportedly told the Coast Guard that the crew of the sea floor is looking for Minden.

A representative for the company confirmed that the builders of the seabed are requested to Reykjavik on 8 April. "The company is cooperating fully with the Iceland Coast Guard and, after clarifying its activities, can quickly go back to sea," he Explained via e-mail "AMS comply with international maritime law entirely and never doing any activity without the necessary permissions." As quoted from the page FoxNews.com on (7/27/2017).

Minden was not in territorial waters, but Iceland is in the country's exclusive economic zone, which extends 200 nautical miles from the coast of Iceland. This means, while Iceland authorities cannot make a claim for salvage of shipwrecks, it can impose a pollution control and environmental impact at the site of the shipwreck.

Wrecksite noted that the Minden scuttled by her crew on September 24, 1939, to prevent the precious cargo fell into the hands of the Royal Navy. The ship was returned to Germany from South America.

The hunt for Nazi gold continues to be a source of attraction, as evidenced by recent efforts to find Nazi train that claimed a valuable was buried in Poland.

Last month a group of suspected Nazi artifacts found in Argentina. Other Nazi artifacts have also been found in other parts of the world. Last year, for example, a time capsule that was buried by the Nazis was excavated in Poland.

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