4 Powerful Natural Ways to Overcome Snoring

Having a couple who snore almost every night is very disturbing. As a couple, it could not hurt to help him no longer snore.

"The more snoring, the worse the impact," says sleep expert from New York, United States, Marha Cortes.

Unconscious snoring affects one's health time and sleep quality is reduced. When sleep is less likely to affect mood, stress levels, sexuality, and ability to resist appetite. In fact, a loud snoring sound can damage the relationship.

4 Powerful Natural Ways to Overcome Snoring

If you want the couple no longer snoring, try to do the following four natural ways such as quoting Good Housekeeping, Wednesday (07/12/2017).

1. Ideal weight

"A person who has weight gain will give rise to fat in the airways," says Cortes.
Therefore make sure the ideal weight. If it is excess weight, do exercise and a balanced diet.

2. Sleep sideways

People who sleep on their backs tend to snore because the direction of the base of the tongue decreased so close to the throat. This triggers snoring during sleep. If it does it does not happen.

3. Spray the nose

Cleansing the nose has a major impact on night breathing as Cortes says. Therefore, this doctor advises to spray with a nasal spray before going to sleep.

4. Diligent chewing gum

"As we get older, the tissue that lines the throat gets softer especially if she has sleep apnea," Cortes said.
In order for the airways not to be narrow, Cortes suggests chewing sugar-free gum twice a day for 20 minutes. This serves to train the mouth, tongue, jaw, and facial muscles. So the potential for snoring decreases.